Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The indestructible duck

This has got to be one of the strangest and most intriguing news stories I've ever come across. In short the story goes like this. A hunter from Florida shoots a duck and of course assumes it is dead, so he takes it home and puts it in a freezer.

Two days later his wife opened the fridge door to find the duck alive!. So of course she took it to a local veterinarian where they performed surgery. During it the duck stopped breathing and was pronounced dead, but started flapping it's wings about 20 seconds later.

I just find that really amazing the poor thing was shot twice, almost died twice, was dragged by a dog and still survived. That is one duck with a lust for life!.

I'm sure the hunter is really disappointed though, seeing as he planned on eating it. (and yeah I know that sounds horrible, but it's a fact of life).

The media has dubbed Perky which is the ducks name 'super duck' and rightfully so, you just don't see things like this every day.

You can read the full story here
and here

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tokyo Pan Pacific 2007 pics

Just 'cause I'm in the mood here are some pics of Martina and the other players from Tokyo.

Is it me or is Sharapova always doing a model pose? lol

Just some pics from the press conference

Li Na, Maria Sharapova and Martina Hingis
Love this pic they both look like they're going to scratch each others eyes out lol

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Roger Federer wins third consecutive Australian Open title

Not that there was ever a doubt in my mind;) I knew he could do it. Although Fernando Gonzalez put up a great fight especially in the first set. But Roger is just too good.

It's always amazing to watch him, he moves fast but seemingly without effort. I don't think I've ever seen the guy out of breath. His movement is always very fluid, it's really fascinating.

So now Roger has won his 10th grand slam title (4 more and he'll be one of the greats along with Sampras at 14). Actually both him and Hingis are really close in terms of total titles won, he has 45 and Martina 43. That's what I call Swiss precision;).

Federer also made history by being only the second men to win the Aussie Open without dropping a set. Very impressive, perhaps he's sending a message to Nadal that the French will be his this year too?.

Let's hope. Oddly enough that's the only grand slam that eludes both Federer and Hingis. Hopefully this year will be different.

I would love to see both Swiss players in the finals of the French Open that would make my year:D. For the women there's now Serena to contend with again, but if there's anyone who can beat her it's Hingis.

Plus I don't think Serena has ever been that good on clay so I don't think Martina has to worry about her at Roland Garros.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The next American Idols?

I usually only write about the winners of American Idol. But this weeks reject auditions were so hilarious I just have to talk about them.

I give you exhibit A:

This guy could not be more full of himself if he tried. He obviously does not know the meaning of the word "sing" because all he's doing is talking lol.

I do have to say I love his names for past idol winners particularly Carrie Underwhere, Phantasia When and his insults to Simon lol.

As for this girl, well I give her credit for admitting she knows she's not a good singer. Finally someone who gets it!. Or so I thought lol, until she uttered the words "even if I don't sing I can be the next American Idol". Yeah that goes hand in hand with saying someone can be a great actor when they can't act lol.

Speaking of actors, here is someone who definitely should be in that profession. She brings new meaning to the word "drama" lol.

Now I admit she's not a bad singer, but she would definitely fit in better with the cast of "Days of our Lives" lol.

And my personal favourite:

Isadora/Julie or as my friend and I have appropriately dubbed her "orgasm girl" lol. Watch the video and you'll understand exactly how we came up with that name;0 LOL.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Aussie Aussie oy oy!!

Kim Clijsters of Belgium or 'Aussie Kim' as she's so affectionately called by the Australians said farewell to the Aussie Open for possibly the last time. Sharapova beat her in 2 sets 6/4 6/2.

Very disappointing, but her game just wasn't there again today just like against Hingis. Listening to Kim make her speech though, it just hit me how much I'm going to miss her at the end of this year. Tennis needs more players like her and Hingis.

Now I'm really wishing Hingis went through she would have kicked Serena's butt in the final. So now it is Sharapova/Williams which means I'm saying goodbye to this tournament and moving on the the next one because I have no interest in knowing who the winner is in this case.

I dislike both these players equally. So it's on the the men's match for me, Federer vs. Roddick. And hopefully Fed won't fail.

Hingis practicing with future hubby:)

Just 'cause I feel like it here are some pics of Martina with her fiance Radek Stepanek at the Australian Open.

Love this pic of Martina don't see her being shy very often

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hingis Australian Open quarter final pics

A disappointed but content Hingis waves to the crowd

Kim Clijsters triumphs over Martina Hingis again

Well Clijster's has done it again she has beaten Hingis for the 4th time since Hingis came out of retirement at the beginning of 2006. Just as last year at the Aussie Open it was another 3-setter. But unlike last year the first set was won by Hingis.

The first set strated out in Clijsters favour, although she did open with a double fault. She won the first game and broke Hingis early for a 2 love lead. Hingis then broke back and held serve for 2-all.

She won the next point as well thanks to some unforced errors from Clijsters. Actually Clijsters had an overwhelming amount of unforced errors throughout the match (62 in total) very uncharacteristic of her.

Hingis then held serve and broke Clijsters again for a 4-2 lead. Clijsters was very streaky throughout the whole 1st set.

After 5 deuces Clijsters won the next point on her serve for 3-4, but Hingis again held serve for 5-4 and Clijsters 4th double give Hingis the first set 6-4.

In the second set Hingis won the first game holding serve for 1-0, Clijsters broke right back for 1-all. Then Hingis saved a double break point and went up 2-1. But again Clijsters broke back for 2-all and broke Hingis to go up 2-3.

Clijsters then held for 2-4 and broke Hingis again to go up 2-5. Next Hingis saved 3 set points on Clijsters serve, won the point for 5-3 and held serve for 5-4. Hingis managed to save 4 set points with some brilliant shots, before Clijsters finally closed the set out on her 5th try at 4-6 taking the match to a decisive 3rd.

The 3rd set started out really great for Hingis she held serve and broke Clijsters to go up 2-0. But lost her serve on a double fault putting Clijsters back on the board at 1-2. Clijsters then held for 2-all. Hingis held again for 3-2, Clijsters broke right back for 3-all.

Then Clijster broke Hingis on her 4th break point for 3-4 and held serve for a 3-5 lead. Hingis double faulted on her serve giving Clijsters a double match point which she won 3-6.

This was once again a disappointing loss especially since just as many times before Martina had plenty of chances to win. Perhaps more then previously since Kim wasn't playing at her best and made so many unforced errors including 9 double faults.

I also have to add that even though she lost it was a very close match, and not a bad loss. She didn't allow Kim to sweep her off the court and was right in the thick of it competing to the best of her ability the whole match.

Even dictating play at one point, which she had never been able to do with Kim before. So those were some great improvements. I think towards the end of the 3rd set nerves played a big part in her loss.

But again I think it was a great match for her and she can definitely be proud of her performance. She give it her all and showed everything she had in her repertoire. So I say good going Martina!, there's always next year especially since Clijsters will be retired.

And to be honest I never really expected Martina to win the match, I was hoping for it but wasn't expecting it. And as I've mentioned before she give a great performance she actually exceeded my expectations in that respect so I'm happy with that, now she can move on to Tokyo.

As for Kim I hope she kicks Sharapova's butt tomorrow, moves to the final and wins it. She was my second pick next to Hingis so I want her to go all the way. It'll be interesting to see who she will face Serena *shudder* or Vaidesova.

Good luck Kim:).

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hingis Australian Open 4th round pics

Love this shot, such relief and happiness you can tell how much she wanted this win

In case you are wondering yes the above pic is from the same match Martina changed outfits at the end of 2nd set:D

Not sure which outfit I like better, I think the black one is still a fave though.