Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crystal Ball.....

So the new Pink album Funhouse came out yesterday.

And I love it!. I don't know if I can say that it's better then her previous effort I'm Not Dead but it's a very close second.

I'm currently playing it non-stop on my mp3 player.

Aside from the current single I really like "Glitter in the Air", "Sober", and the highly energetic "Bad Influance".

But I think my top favourite has to be a song called "Crystal Ball".

Drinking wine and thinking bliss, is on the other side of this
I just need a compass and a willing accomplice
All my doubts that fill my head cascading up and down again
Up and down and round again, down and up and round again.

Oh, I've had my chances and I've taken them all.
Just to end up right back here on the floor.
To end up right back here on the floor.

Pennies in a well, a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel.
Fortune teller that says maybe you will go to hell.
But I'm not scared at all....

The cracks in the crystal, the cracks in the crystal ball.

Sometimes you think everything is wrapped inside a diamond ring

Love just needs a witness and a little forgiveness
And a halo of patience and a less sporadic pace and
I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes.

Oh I've felt that fire and I've been burned
But I wouldn't trade the pain for what I've learned
I wouldn't trade the pain for what I've learned.

Pennies in a well, a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel.
Fortune teller that says maybe you will go to hell.
But I'm not scared at all...

Of the cracks in the crystal, the cracks in the crystal ball.

Irony, irony, this hate and love, hate and love
What it does to me, what it's done to me.
What is done...done

Pennies in a well, a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel.
Broken mirrors and a black cats cold stare,
Walk under ladders on my way to hell, I'll meet you there.

Crystal Ball~Pink

The verses are so beautifully honest.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On the road with Hanson and their families has a great video of all the guys with their wives (above photo) and kids. Boy, talk about a handful!.

Their kids are adorable. Penelope is a real cutie and River definitely has music in his blood.

With Taylor's wife having another one real soon by the looks of it, that second bus will be a necessity.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

TTSCC November promo

Looks like we're in for quite a ride next month. Can't wait!!. I've also found a YouTube link for those who may have problems with the other player.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hanson continues to 'Take The Walk' for charity

The Hanson Brothers - Isaac, 27, Taylor, 25, and Zac, 22 - walk barefoot through Times Square in New York City on Tuesday for their ‘Take The Walk’ tour.

While working on their 2007 album, The Walk, the singing trio made trips to Africa in an effort to understand the poverty and disease that grips the continent. The Take The Walk Tour is a charity that brings attention to the poverty and AIDS epidemic in Africa through simple actions from individuals everywhere.


I've been visiting this site for a while now and I'm really surprised I haven't seen more stories and photos of the guys on there. Nice to see some updated ones though.

You can click on the link to see more pics ;). Also check out for more info.

Friday, October 24, 2008

TSCC 2x06 Scene Maker video clip

Along with Summer Glau this is by far my absolute favourite fight this season.

Having a stunt person who's a contortionist, has gotta come in handy (certainly eliminates the need for the prop department to build robotic arms or legs to get them to bend a certain way).

Which is how I thought they pulled that scene off. Now that I know it was an actual person I'm extremely impressed. Nice work.

The kid coming into the elevator in the middle of the fight and the obliviousness of the parents, classic Terminator humor.

Just one of the many reasons why I'm such a fan of this show.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

WB Television Executives thank TTSCC fans

Well, what do you know?. The big-wig Executives do pay attention to the people on the net:

Source: Sarah Connor Society

And if that's not enough a note from the creator himself, Josh Friedman:

I've been asked for a few words regarding our full season order. First, my ever-loving thanks goes out to both Fox and WBTV for making all things possible. Second, big thanks to all of you who agitated on the internet: There is No Fate but What You Make. We’ve been making Our Own for a while now and we’re just gonna keep doing it until someone stops us. Like our endo brethren, we are damn hard to kill.

Source: official production blog

Let's all give ourselves a big pat on the back for a job well done :-).

Now we just need to persuade the netowork to change that Monday time slot ;).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alyson Hannigan to become a mom!!

Congratulations to Alyson and her husband Alexis Denisof (above), who are expecting their first child in the spring!. All the best to the happy couple :-).

On a completely unrelated note a very Happy Birthday! to Zac Hanson, who turns 23 today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The new man in Martina Hingis's life?

Martina Hingis at The Esurance Tennis Classic in Mila Valley, CA

Photo from

Recently Martina Hingis showed up at the Esurance Tennis Classic charity event with a new man on her arm.

Or so I thought, till I remembered that I saw him somewhere before.

He looks like the same (or an awfully lot) like the unidentified horse rider guy that I posted about back in July of this year.

I'm gonna assume it's the same guy until I find some other evidence to the contrary.

If I'm right then we can finally put a name to his face, Paul Eric Legein.

They certainly make a cute couple, here is hoping it lasts.

And on a totally unrelated note check out the Cute Overload link (I've been meaning to add it for a while).

If you've never seen the site before you're in for a treat (especially if you're an animal lover).

It's guaranteed to put a smile on your face (no matter how crappy your day has been).

Monday, October 20, 2008

TTSCC Cameron music video

Here is a little something to tie you all over until the new episode tonight.

A Cameron music video courtesy of the Sarah Connor Society Fall Video Challenge. Enjoy;).

And don't forget to check the new episode tonight at 8pm on FOX.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicels picked up for a full 2nd season!!

Armageddon just got bitch-slapped.

Sources confirm that Fox has ordered a full season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'm told the back-nine order came down late Friday.

Sarah Connor's ratings have cratered this season, but a Fox insider notes that the show remains a favorite among advertisers.

Yes!!. Finally Sarah Connor fans can breathe a huge sigh of relief (at least until the next season anyway *lol*).

Now if only FOX would switch the show to Wednesday night, I would be a happy viewer.

You can also check out this article it's a bit more detailed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

TTSCC Episode 206 preview clips

The first clip is quite intriguing can't wait to find out the mystery behind the T-1001's child.

This show just continues to get better and better. Episode 2x06 entitled "The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short" airs this coming Monday at 8 pm on FOX.

Friday, October 17, 2008

FOX plans on sticking with Sarah Connor Chronicles

Fox’s Monday night lineup of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Prison Break” could also use some ratings improvement. The two frequently post fair numbers, but “Break,” in its fourth season, has seen significant ratings erosion, down 18% in adults 18-49 from its premiere last year.

“Terminator” did well during its premiere season in January, but ratings deteriorated 27% in adults 18-49 from its last original episode in March to its season premiere in September. Preston Beckman, Fox’s executive vice president of strategic program planning and research, said the network is going to stick with the shows through the fourth quarter.

He said because “Terminator” and “Break” have continuing story arcs that aren’t close-ended episode-to-episode, it makes it difficult to recruit new viewers.

“These are niche shows,” he said.

The shows are also heavily watched using digital video recorders and on the Web, which makes it difficult to know what their real audience is, Mr. Beckman said.

Source-TV Week

Woo-freakin'-hoo!! That's the best news I've read all week! :).

But let's keep those letters and petition numbers going 'cause I still think the show will benefit so much more as a follow up to Bones rather then Prison Break.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Since I've done this for the past couple of years (making it almost a tradition of sorts) it makes sense to do the same this year.

So I want to wish a very Happy Birthday! to Lucy Lawless's oldest son Julius Tapert (who turns 9 today).

I know that some of you might be sitting there scratching your heads wondering why the heck I do this every year. So I thought it best I provide a small explanation.

Being a fan of a celebrity often brings with it the desire to learn everything about them and over the past 13 years the fans have learned quite a bit about Lucy.

Including a lot of details about her private life (which was something she chose to share and continues to share with her fans).

Julius became a big part of that being in the public eye (or more specifically the media) since the moment he was born so in a strange way I feel like I've watched him grow up.

Hingis happy off the court with no plans of a future return

By Matt Cronin, Special to

Martina Hingis can no longer walk through the gates at Wimbledon, the historic locale where she won the 1997 title as a bright-eyed, soft-handed 16-year-old. The suspended five-time Grand Slam champion can't waltz through the entryways at the Australian Open (which she won three times), the U.S. Open (one win), or the French Open (where she fell apart twice in the finals).

She's in limbo, living through a two-year suspension for having cocaine in her system at Wimbledon in 2007. Hingis claims she's completely retired with no chance of returning after her sentence is served out.

She still proclaims her innocence, saying she has no idea how the banned substance entered her system, but gave up the court battle after losing her appeal in front of the International Tennis Federation in December 2007. Her suspension will last through October of 2009 and by then, she will be 29, not an age when she wants to start a third comeback.

Hingis is concerned that her reputation has been tainted and her legacy tarnished. Despite having the numbers to grant her an easy entry into the Hall of Fame, she may not end up being nominated, given the gravity of the charge.

But there was no way she was going to keep fighting the accusation, as she felt bled dry by lawyers and had nowhere else to turn.

"I felt like I had a no-win situation," Hingis told at the Esurance Tennis Classic in Tiburon, Calif., where she played an exhibition and gave clinics. "I wish today I still know what happened, how it got into my system. I feel like I'm innocent, but I can't prove any different. I could have spent millions. The expenses of the lawyer were there. Three months later, you know it was costing me $1,000 dollars an hour.

"Plus it was at the same time of (the doping accusations on) Marion Jones and the Tour de France, and I said, 'OK (I'll let it go). The first step (of the appeal) is three months, and if you keep going stage to stage, the suspension would be over anyway by the time it finished. Maybe the rules will change and my case will help change the rules. I have to take it as it is and think about what I can do now."

What exactly she will do long-term is hard to tell. She is clearly not emotionally recovered from her suspension. She's the first No. 1-ranked player to have been banned for doping, let alone the first all-time great. Even as a 16-year-old, she was conscious of her place in the game and concerned about what others thought of her. She's not one of those athletes, who, when in trouble, can figuratively stick her finger up high in the air and say screw the fans, the media, my peers and everyone else who thinks badly of me.

Hingis was taken aback when told that there were some people in tennis who were surprised that she threw up her hands and walked away. They say by walking away, it appeared that she was admitting guilt without actually bothering to offer an apology.

She cannot believe that anyone would believe she was juiced up at that Wimbledon, given that she had been defeated by the journeywoman Laura Granville in the third round, a player whom even on a B-Level day, Hingis should have been able to take care of handily.

Neither Hingis nor her lawyers could find a way to prove her innocence.

But that doesn't really matter in the bigger scheme of things, as her second comeback — which began in 2006 after a nearly three-year layoff due to burnout — was essentially over anyway. After a good 2006 and a solid start to 2007 when she gagged to Kim Clijsters in the Australian Open quarterfinals — a match she admits she should have won — and then won Tokyo over Ana Ivanovic, she mentally and physically began to fray.

She had become romantically linked to Czech player Radek Stepanek and was putting more energy into making that union work than into her tennis.

"You have a relationship and you are trying to get that going, and then Radek was injured and I tried to spend a lot of time with him and I put myself on the side," she said. "He had a hard time there and couldn't play and was going to doctors and then re-injured himself in Marseille and I was there with him.

"I didn't spend enough time practicing because I felt that I won Tokyo and I felt — that's not going away! I beat all the top players again, got to No. 6 and although I never won the French Open, I was thinking, 'What more was out there for me?' From there, it was difficult to get back into it. I had all the mental confidence, but the hunger was more toward other things. Tennis wasn't the priority anymore. (Radek) became more important."

Read more.....

One of the most informative and honest interviews I've seen from Hingis in a while and although she claims her life on tour is very much over and done with, that last quote makes me think otherwise.

Interesting to hear her talk so candidly about her relationship with Radek Stepanek as well, she tends to stay away from that subject.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Evan Rachel Wood glamorous it up for "The Wrestler"

The 21-year old actress showed up at the New York Film Festival promoting her new movie "The Wrestler" looking slick and elegant. I'm still not crazy about the hair colour.

I think her natural colour is more flattering and makes her look younger.

You can go to to see more pics.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Save Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Campaign

You may have noticed the little widget right below my Pink October button. As you can see it is a petition to move the Sarah Connor Chronicles to Wednesday nights on FOX.

Where the fans (myself included) believe the show will benefit better ratings wise being paired up with the equally smart Bones. Because at the moment Monday nights are killing it.

This petition is only one part of the Save Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan Campaign visit The Sarah Connor Society or just click on the above image for more details on what you can do to show your support.

Don't let FOX axe another excellent series PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION and help SPREAD THE WORD.

Note: In order to sign the petition you must first register with (no worries it's completely free).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Martina Hingis @ Esurance Tennis Classic in L.A.

By proclamation, it was Brad Gilbert Day in Mill Valley on Saturday afternoon at the Esurance Tennis Classic at Harbor Point Club.

By presentation, it was Martina Hingis' show. She was the star attraction and she practically did the equivalent of an encore in front of about 500 fans at Vic Seixas Court. The five-time Grand Slam champion teamed with Mary Joe Fernandez to win a women's doubles match 5-4 in a tiebreaker against Conchita Martinez and Corina Morariu then lost in 5-4 in a tiebreaker with partner Murphy Jensen in a mixed doubles match against Morariu and Jan-Michael Gambill. Hingis also beat Martinez and radio personality Rich Walcoff of Corte Madera 5-2 in a celebrity doubles match with character actor Peter Jason.

Hingis feels the love at star-studded Marin exhibition

"I felt very protected. I had a safety net," said a grinning Jason, who is filming "Milk" in San Francisco with Sean Penn and Josh Brolin. "She was laughing and enjoying herself. It seemed like she really had a good time. Of course, I'm a grumpy guy. It's hard to ignore me."

All eyes were on Hingis, who had such a good time that the 28-year-old Swiss Miss would like a return engagement.

"I'd love to come back again," she said. "The crowd's out. The weather is beautiful. What more could we ask?"

Read more.....

Every time I watch Hingis play I'm still amazed at how easily she can make a perfect volley or a smash at the net when there are so many players today who struggle with perfecting that for years.

It becomes especially astonishing if you consider the fact that she doesn't play profesionally anymore.

Then again, I guess that kind of god given talent, doesn't go away.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

14 years ago today.....

I arrived in Canada, I was thirteen years old. Hard to believe certainly doesn't feel that long, guess it's true what they say time really does fly.

I actually remember the weather being exactly the same as it is today a beautiful warm October day.

Looking back on everything I've done since coming to Canada, all the hardships with completing High School and College, learning a new language, new cultures, meeting life long friends.

It gives me an incredible feeling of accomplishment and pride and somehow makes it all worthwhile.

As I'm sitting here writing this I'm sipping on a glass of red wine, celebrating all the highs and lows of the past 14 years. May the next 14 be just as rewarding.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Martina Hingis retrospection

You gotta love Martina Hingis. She’s cute, controversial, outrageous, sarcastic, misunderstood and one of the greatest Tennis players of her time. On November 1st. 2007 at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland she announced her official retirement from professional tennis. A sad day for tennis fans around the world.Martina was tested positive for cocaine derivatives in her urine after undergoing tests during the Wimbledon tournament. She maintains her innocence saying, “I have tested positive but I have never taken drugs. I am 100% innocent and would be terrified to take drugs.

When I was informed about the test I was shocked and appalled. Contesting the findings could take years, and with my age and my health problems, I have decided to retire.” The test results were released to her at Wimbledon with both the A and B urine samples failing the test. Martina later underwent a series of private drug test on her hair and other fluids which came back negative, and in her opinion is evidence that she has never taken cocaine. As an outcome of the positive test she has been banned from tennis for a period of two years.

At the sweet age of sixteen she became the youngest top ranked player ever, she also became the youngest winner of a Grand Slam event and the youngest winner of Wimbledon. She won the Australian Singles title 3 times in 1997,’98, and ‘99, she won both Wimbledon and the US Open in 1997. In doubles she won the Grand Slam in 1998, on a run that included 4 titles in Australia, 2 at Wimbledon and one each in New York and Paris. She held the rank of Number 1 player for 209 weeks!


A short article on Martina Hingis highlighting the highs and lows of her career and personality an enjoyable read.

And I wholeheartedly agree with the last sentence she will indeed be very sorely missed at this year's Aussie Open.

ETA: A small correction, unlike the article seems to suggest Hingis has never won a title in Paris.

She came close to it the first time back in '97 but sadly has never actually won it in her entire career.

Perhaps it's referring to one of the smaller tournaments which take place in the same city. Though off hand I can't think of what that is.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Song of the moment: Air Supply-Making Love out of Nothing at All

I love this song, it's such a quintessential 80's love ballad.

I have a real weakness for those. That or I've simply watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith way too many times *lol*.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Retro Reflection: Ace of Base-Unspeakable

Aside from Roxette, Ace of Base is one of the few 90's bands that I don't put under the classification of a guilty pleasure.

Because there's nothing guilty about it, I enjoy them just as much today as I did when I was a teenager. Which is a rarity since my music tastes have changed quite a bit over the years.

I think it's because they have the same kind of charm that ABBA did (and still does) though the members of Ace of Base aren't fond of the comparison.

Mostly because they want to be thought of as different.

And though there is a significant destinction I do tend to describe Ace of Base as ABBA with a much more modern look and sound but very similar catchy riffs and melodies.

The song above is a perfect example of the bands ability to make a simple refrain into a great catchy tune.

Who knew that the words "unspeakable" and "na na na na " could be so addictive *lol*.

I've often mentioned that I'm generally not a fan of Dance music (Euro pop) whatever you wanna call it, but Ace of Base is another big exception.

If you haven't heard about this great band (and I would honestly be shocked if you haven't) you can check out their official website to learn more.

Also for anyone who's interested the above song is from Ace of Base's Da Capo album released only in Europe.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

TTSCC episode 2x06 promo

Here is the trailer for the newest episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles "The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short" which airs October 20th on FOX.

Looks like we'll finally get the long awaited chick-fight with Cameron (and what I'm guessing to be another female Terminator).

And yes, she's no Kathrine Weaver aka T-1001 but something tells me the writers are saving that fight for the season finale.

Monday, October 06, 2008

TTSCC "Goodbye to all That" Sneak Peek

Sarah Connor creator Josh Friedman explains his motivation behind the famous T-1001 bathroom transformation scene.

Which I still consider to be one of the coolest and grossest moments in the Terminator Saga.

Also check out a sneak-peek clip of tonight's episode "Goodbye to all That" courtesy of Sarah Connor Society.

*LOL* It's moments like these that made me fall in love with Terminator (and this show) in the first place.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Women Tennis stars when they were young

While doing a Google image search I accidentally came across a great site called I've added the page to my favourite links on the blog.

The site has pictures of all the past and present female Tennis stars. What's unique about them is they are childhood photos.

My personal faves are the ones of (what I would guess to be a 5 year old) Martina Hingis and a very young Kim Clijsters.

Martina Hingis
Kim Clijsters

Seriously, how cute are they? :).

Oh, and I love this pic of Monica Seles

A few more of Martina Hingis
Wow, that racquet is bigger then her head *LOL*.

See more player childhood photos here.

Friday, October 03, 2008

More TTSCC stuff

L.A. Times visited the backlot set of Sarah Connor and they have some great HQ photos from episodes 2x03 and 2x04.

You can also check out a couple of clips from this Monday's episode "Goodbye to All That".

Looks like John has entered soldier boot camp courtesy of Derek Reece. Should be interesting to watch.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

TTSCC cancellation rumors cleared up

Rumors have been zooming around cyberspace that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been axed. It's like some kind of Skynet plot. Some have even suggested the show is stopping production early. We checked with sources at Fox, and got the straight dope: the fight against mean robots goes on, for now.

"The rumors are all speculative and never fact checked with the network or studio," says a Fox rep. Here's the actual situation: Fox has ordered 13 episodes of Sarah Connor season two, and those episodes are still in production. The network has not yet made a decision, one way or another, about whether to order the remaining nine episodes of the season, says the rep. It's not clear how soon this decision has to be made, but there's still some breathing room.


We can all relax now. Though I hope we get an answer on the remaining episodes soon!. Till then I'll continue to tune in Monday night at 8 PM on FOX.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Song of the moment: Sarah Mclachlan & The Perishers-Pills

I don't know what it is about this song but, I can't get enough of it lately.

Maybe it's the way Sarah's voice soothes and complements the vocalist from the Perishers.

The song has become my absolute top favourite off her Rarities , B-Sides and Other Stuff Vol. 2 CD.