Monday, October 31, 2011

DWTS 13: Week 7 Halloween

This was definitely an interesting night, very fun overall especially toward the end.

David & Kym were up first with a Cha Cha to "Abracadabra" Len thought he turned into a dancer, would have liked a little more rhythm.  Carrie Ann called his improvement phenomenal.

24/30 (point higher then last week).  I thought his performance this week was much better comparatively as well.

J.R. & Karina danced a Tango to "Ghostbusters" theme.  Bruno thought it was solid, but lost timing and sync.

Carrie Ann on the other hand found it precise and sharp and thought they captured the tone of the piece.  Overall great performance.

Len called it substandard saying it was his own fault for setting the bar high over the past several weeks.

I have to side with him on that one while it was a great performance it lacked a little something this week. 25/30 (their lowest score since the start I think).

Nancy & Tristan Jived to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" Carrie Ann didn't like her performance this week thought she lost the choreography.

Pointing out that while some styles suit a dancer perfectly some really don't.

Len was disappointed as well, he thought the kicks weren't sharp enough and that the dance generally didn't suit her.   It just looked like a bad Irish jig to me.

With 21/30 (they were on the bottom of the judges leader board this week).  And personally I'm really hoping she finally goes home (especially since Rob was a lot more convincing).

Rob & Cheryl danced an "Adam's Family" theme Tango. Len actually loved it, saying he had terrific footwork.

Bruno loved the way he led Cheryl with conviction, but he would like him to tuck his butt in :D.  Carrie Ann called it his best dance so far.

As much as I honestly could care less about the guy, I have to give him props this week.

That has to be the weirdest song to have to dance to, and he did a really good job of staying in character while still making it look like a Tango.  25/30 (possibly their highest score thus far).

Ricki & Derek Paso Doble Bruno thought it was an incredible performance calling it a blizzard of passion and fear.  Both Len and Carrie Ann thought her shapes were beautiful.

Len loved her sharp footwork in particular.

They both also pointed out she should watch her shoulders, but knew it was probably only a hindrance because of her painful rib injury (she moved pretty darn well to me!). 27/30 put them back on top of the score board once more.

I really loved the sharpness, quickness and aggressiveness of her movements in the dance (all key ingredients in a Paso).  Very well executed.

Hope & Maks  Len thought she coped well with a very difficult dance. 

Bruno thought she had better timing, placement and finish.  Carrie Ann loved the lightness/ease to her movement (something she had previously been missing).

Personally I think the judges were being extra nice, perhaps a little overly cautious with their comments because of the fiasco with Maks last week.

Either way better performance for sure (she's making some nice progress) a well deserved 24/30.

Next it was time for the group number again ( I forgot to mention they did one last week as well).  But I enjoyed this one so much more.

Team Tango consisted of Kym & David, Nancy & Tristan, and J.R. & Karina all dancing to Rihanna's "Disturbia"

Overall the judges thought they were tight as a group, but not as strong individually in their routines (Len called it a total mess).  23/30 was added to their overall total for the evening.

I gotta agree with the judges consensus Team Paso Doble which consisted of Ricky & Derek, Rob & Cheryl, and Hope & Maks totally kicked Team Tango's butt.

It was extremely powerful and fit so well with Evanescene "Bring Me to Life".  Reminded me why I love team dances in the first place.

I was hoping for a slightly higher score (at least three 9's and maybe a 10).  But an overall 26/30 is not too shabby.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Roger Federer "Fed Express" becomes reality!

Sixteen-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, brand ambassador for National Suisse, officially named the Nationale Suisse locomotive at Basel’s freight terminal at midday on Friday. 

The locomotive bears Federer’s name and image and over the coming years will be used on a regular basis for domestic passenger services.

"I have never named a locomotive before, let alone one bearing my own name," said Federer, who is in his hometown to play next week’s Swiss Indoors Basel, where he will compete against Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray in an attempt to win the title for the fifth time.

Jeannine Pilloud, Head of the Passenger Division at SBB, said, "Our passengers are world champions in rail travel. Now they can look forward to meeting Roger Federer, the best tennis player of all time, on all inter-city routes."

For every kilometre travelled by the locomotive, Nationale Suisse will make a contribution to the Roger Federer Foundation, which supports projects to benefit children in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The programmes on the African continent focus on the improvement of the quality of early learning and basic education.

The Roger Federer brand truly is unstoppable.  Nice!.

Monday, October 24, 2011

DWTS 13: Week 6 Broadway Songs

Well, we are past the half-way point which means some people really upped their game and some really fell flat.

Rob & Cheryl were up first tonight with a Cha-Cha to Jersey Boys "Walk Like a Man".

Len said it was clean, precise and had good timing.  But didn't show rhythm, and came off looking stiff.

Bruno found it adequate but thought it didn't have the impact it should have at this stage.

Carrie Ann said it wasn't as good as last week, but she saw more charisma then ever before.  She did agree with Len that it should have had a bit more pop to it.

I still honestly don't like the guy, and could care less whether he stays, or goes.  But I have to give credit where credit is due, he is clearly working his butt off, and Cheryl's teaching methods seem to be paying off.

He actually looked even more convincing then last week.  Based on this performance I think he'll stick around for at least 1 more week. 22/30 was their total.

Nancy & Tristan danced a Foxtrot to Spamelot's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".  Bruno thought she captured the feel of the play and yet still managed to make it look like a Foxtrot (I gotta agree, certainly had the right energy).

Len liked that she showed more of her personality, but didn't think the hold was proper.  Carrie Ann thought she showed her all the things she was asking for last week.  24/30 was their total (highest for her in the competition).

Something tells me despite my continued desire for her to go away already, she'll probably stick around till next week.

David & Kym danced a Quickstep to "We Go Together" from Grease.

Carrie Ann said it lived up to any expectations she may have had, but found that they were out of sync at times in their routine.  When they were in sync she thought they had great fluidity.

Len found the whole thing a bit rough, saying David's enthusiasm got the best of him.  Bruno thought he danced like "a frisky teenager on spring break".  HA.

Well it certainly looked like it :D.  I tend to agree with Len more I think his excitement kind of overshadowed his dancing this week.  But I think he was solid enough to stay.  23/30 total points.

Ricki & Derek also did a Quickstep to Guys & Dolls "Luck Be a Lady".

Len didn't think she needed any luck because she's got the talent.  And although he loved it he got nit-picky and give it a 9.

Bruno thought it had impeccable  style and showmanship, and as always outstanding choreography.

He also mentioned that the music interpretation was beyond belief.  Carrie Ann found it sharp, precise everything a broadway number should be.

Carrie Ann and Bruno both give Ricki a standing ovation so it was no surprise that they were back on top this week with a near perfect 29/30.

This was another masterclass courtesy of Derek Hough's choreography.  Carrie Ann is right these 2 truly are amazing as a team, and an absolute joy to watch.

Chaz & Lacey danced a Tango to "Phantom of the Opera".  Carrie Ann still wants more content at this stage.  But thought he had the right attitude for the dance.

While Bruno and Len thought it didn't have the right intensity and aggression.

Len also thought the hold should have been tighter, but said he can see all the work being put in, and appreciates the effort.  They both agreed that this character didn't fit his personality at all.  19/30 was the total.

I'm gonna have to side with Len and Bruno it was a valiant effort (dance-wise) but the character didn't help to enhance the routine one bit.

They could be the ones to head home.  Though personally I'm hoping for Hope and Maks.

Hope & Maks (speaking of) they danced a Rumba to Rent's "Season's of Love".  And really the whole thing was anything but. 

It all looked kind of awkward and like she was trying too hard to be sexy again. 

Carrie Ann saw the effort and glimpses of vulnerability.

Len on the other hand thought it was her worst performance on the show, and critiqued her heel touching the floor (which shouldn't happen in a Rumba).

That got him and Maks into a bit a of snit, can't say I blame him though but I doubt it'll help their chances of survival.

Bruno said it worked at times, but it was a difficult dance, with a difficult story to sell and didn't gel as well as it could have. 

I'm picking Maks & Hope as the next to go (tomorrow) over Chaz & Lacey.

J.R. & Karina last but certainly not least J.R. did a Quickstep to a "Chicago" number.  Bruno called it a hit.

While Len compared him to Helio Castroneves who he thought no one could match.

It seems the man can do no wrong he just keeps getting better and better.

Along with Ricki & Derek they are definitely the front runners now tied for first place with 29/30.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kim Clijsters to return to court in December exhibition

Former world no. 1 Kim Clijsters will be back on the courts in Decemebr for an  exhibtion and is looking forward to the 2012 season.

“I am currently preparing for the Diamond Games (on December 8 at the Antwerp Sportpaleis) and the new season. And things [are going] very well so far. We’ve added a lot of volume to my base training and worked on power, endurance and speed training. In the meantime I started playing tennis 3 to 4 times each week, with Carl (Maes) and my new sparring partner Stefan Wauters. We have worked hard, but with a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

The recent injuries are doing fine too: both the right foot [and] the stomach muscles respond very well to the efforts. I maintain some of my recovery exercises, especially for the abdominal muscles. [The] next couple of weeks my training sessions will include [even] more tennis hours. The way things progress now, I feel that I will be ready by the time of the Diamond Games! “On 1 January 2012 my season will start at the Brisbane tournament.”

Clijsters has not played much since winning her first Australian Open title in January, repeatedly hampered by foot, shoulder and abdominal injuries and is currently ranked outside the top 10.


I apologize for the strange formatting and cutting off of words.

Have tried to fix it must be a blogger thing, best to click on the link.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

U.S. Open to make Monday finals permanent

After four consecutive years of rain-postponed men’s finals, the U.S. Open is looking into changing its schedule as soon as next year and could become the first Grand Slam tennis tournament to switch permanently to a Monday finish.

Tournament director Jim Curley told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Wednesday that the U.S. Tennis Association started discussions last month with broadcaster CBS about finding a way to heed top players’ calls for a day off between the men’s semifinals and final.

Currently, the U.S. Open is the only major tournament that schedules those matches on consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday.

Roger Federer, whose record 16 Grand Slam titles include five at the U.S. Open, was among those who said during this year’s tournament that it’s time to rethink the schedule. He called Wednesday’s word of possible changes “the right move for our sport.”

One proposal under consideration would add a 15th day to the tournament, shifting the men’s final from Sunday to Monday, and the women’s final from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon. That also would give the women a day to rest between their semifinals and final.

The USTA also is considering keeping the men’s title match in its traditional Sunday afternoon spot, but moving their semifinals to Friday.

The USTA board of directors has approved exploring various scheduling options.

“We’re just getting into this process,” Curley said, “and right now, everything is on the table.”

The U.S. Open, played at Flushing Meadows in New York, has boasted what it calls “Super Saturday” since 1984, with two men’s semifinals and the women’s final all played on that day, followed by the men’s final Sunday. Wimbledon, the French Open and Australian Open follow another pattern: women’s semifinals Thursday, men’s semifinals Friday, women’s final Saturday, men’s final Sunday.

“The sport has become much more physical over the years, to the point where players feel very strongly that they need to have a day between the semis and the final,” Curley said. “While the players are an integral part of the U.S. Open, it’s one aspect we need to take into consideration, along with onsite fans, TV viewers, corporate sponsors, television partners, both domestic and international. It’s a Rubik’s Cube, since so many variables need to be taken into consideration.”

Changes might result in the loss of one or two sessions during the U.S. Open — under the present format, tickets are sold for 26 sessions, some during the day, some at night—and a change in TV rights fees received by the USTA.

“It’s fair to say that this type of change would have a negative financial impact on the USTA, and that’s another reason why we’re being very thoughtful in this process. We’re talking about millions of dollars,” Curley said.

He acknowledged such losses “would have to have an impact” on any future plans to add a roof to the tournament facility.

CBS has aired the U.S. Open since 1968, and its current contract runs through 2014. CBS Sports spokeswoman Jen Sabatelle confirmed the network has been approached about a change.

“We have an ongoing dialogue with the USTA. They have been great partners, and we will work with them to come up with a schedule that makes sense for all parties,” she said.

Curley said he hasn’t talked about a potential schedule switch with the International Tennis Federation, which oversees the Grand Slam tournaments, because “the USTA, not the ITF, runs the U.S. Open.”

While calling the scheduling issue a priority for the U.S. Open, Curley said he doesn’t know when there will be a final decision. It would need to come by April, at the latest, if there’s going to be a change in 2012, when the tournament is supposed to run from Monday, Aug. 27, to Sunday, Sept. 9.

“It might not happen in ’12. It might happen in ’13. I just want to be clear that the goal is to get this done,” Curley said.

In a statement emailed to the AP by his agent, Federer said: “It’s good news that they’re reviewing the U.S. Open schedule. It’s the right move for our sport. I am pleased that the USTA is listening to the players, and I am very encouraged with these developments.”

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Song of the Moment: Brandi Carlile-Downpour

Been listening to this song a lot today appropriately so since it's been raining all day long.  Something about this one that's very poignant.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Federer & Clijsters drop in rankings

Andy Murray moved ahead of Roger Federer on the ATP World Tour tennis rankings for the first time, while Australian Open winner Kim Clijsters dropped out of the top 10 of the women’s tour.
Murray, 24, rose one spot to No. 3 after he beat Spain’s David Ferrer in the Shanghai Masters final yesterday. That followed titles this month at the Thailand Open and Japan Open. The Briton, who is still seeking his first major title, has now won 25 of his past 26 matches. His last loss was against second- ranked Rafael Nadal of Spain in the semifinals of the U.S. Open in September.
Federer, the winner of a men’s record 16 Grand Slam singles titles, dropped one spot to No. 4. The 30-year-old Swiss fell out of the top three for the first time since June 2003, partly as he decided not to compete in Asia so as to recover from the U.S. hardcourt season. Serbia’s Novak Djokovic is already guaranteed to finish 2011 as the world No. 1 thanks to a season during which he won three majors and only lost three matches.
“I’m still not guaranteed to finish at No. 3,” Murray said on the ATP website. “I’m still going to have to win some more matches. But if you finish in front of Federer in a year, then there’s not many people in the last five, six, seven years that have been able to say that.”

On the women’s WTA tour, Clijsters dropped one spot to No. 11. The Belgian, a former world No. 1, missed the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open because of injuries. Thirteen-time major champion Serena Williams of the U.S. remained at No. 14.

Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark remained the top player in the rankings. Former Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova of Russia is at No. 2, with Victoria Azarenka of Belarus in third.
Enjoy it while it lasts Murray, enjoy it while it lasts.  
As for Clijsters, well that's not a big surprise given she hasn't played much this year.  Hopefully next year will see her doing well and back in the top 10.

Monday, October 17, 2011

DWTS 13: Week 5 80's Week

I had a lot of fun last week, but being an 80's child this pretty much tops last week.  Ah, nostalgia.... anyway on to the dancing.

Hope & Maks Tango to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" a personal fave.  Len found it too loose linked, and saw lack of control.

Bruno on the other hand thought the opposite to him it was strong sexy and powerful.  Carrie Ann agreed with both saying that Hope needs to learn that less is more.

I found the whole thing a bit weird the love/hate tension element was there (given these 2 don't exactly get along most the time) but that's pretty much it really.

One minute she was being controlling and dominant the next Maks was dragging her around the floor.  The whole thing didn't balance well partnership wise.  The score was decent though 24/30.

Carson & Anna Jive to Wham's "Jitterbug" complete with cheer leader outfits and pom poms.  Bruno summed it up best loopier then looney tunes, the crowning achievement in madness lol.

Carrie Ann still enjoyed the fun aspect of it but expected more technique this being the halfway point of the competition.

I tend to agree with both judges. 

While I'm still enjoying his presence immensely from an entertainment value stand point, we are in week 5 and it's time to start separating/booting the weaker dancers in favor of the ones with more skill and talent  19/30 was their total.

Sorry Carson but I think it's time for you to go (entertainment can only get you so far).

Nancy & Tristan Rumba set to an 80's staple Spandau Ballet's "True".  Carrie Ann wants to see real passion and connection.  Bruno thought it was sensuous, sexy and not slutty.

Len found it simple and effective done with ease and elegance.  I thought it was not bad, I'll give her points for continuing to make an effort and somehow pulling it off.

Although at times during the dance it kind of looked like she was going through the motions of her routine.  So I'm still hoping she gets the boot soon too.  22/30 was the score.

 J.R. & Karina shook their stuff in a Samba to Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine "Conga" that brought the ballroom on their feet in another ovation.

The audience and judges alike were mesmerized, the dance put them on top of the leader board for the first time in 3 weeks with 28/30.

Shake that groove thing! was pretty much the only thought going through my head while watching the dance.  Nicely done indeed.

Rob & Cheryl Rumba set to Lionel Richie's "Hello".  Bruno thought Rob looked like a dancing partner for the first time (like they were part of one unit).

He called it a sentimental performance.  Carrie Ann found it sexy and liked the control element to the dance.  Len thought he pulled it off not allowing Cheryl to lead him, but being in command of her instead.

Which I must give him points for as well.  Having said that do I think he deserves a spot in the top 3? not by a long shot at this point.

But it's like Len said in his taped commentary with this dance he at least became a contender and not a pretender.  Earning his highest score thus far 25/30.

Chaz & Lacey Samba to Kool & the Gang's "Get Down on It". 

So great to see Chaz really cutting loose and having fun again.  And even making an effort technique and step-wise.  Well done. Score same as last week 21/30

David & Kym Tango to Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" Len wasn't impressed with his hold but loved the 80's feel.  Carrie Ann thought he needs to work on his musicality, but still sees him as a contender.

I thought it was a nice aggressive Tango, could have used a bit more of the hate you/love you push and pull element.  But a solid effort overall.  25/30 his highest score so far.

Ricki & Derek Foxtrot to Phil Collins "Easy Lover".

I just have to say this Derek was freakin' adorkable in his 80's outfit! ♥♥♥

Len thought the footwork was hit and miss, and the hold wasn't perfect.

Carrie Ann wished they'd stayed in hold because they're amazing as a team & without that Ricky really lost her timing.

Well nobody is perfect having been at the top for 3 weeks straight they had to have a week off some time.  Perhaps the pressure got to Ricky a little bit.

Personally I agree with Derek that music didn't go well with the Foxtrot at all no wonder it really threw them off.  24/30 is still nothing to cry about though but the fans will have to get voting.

Monday, October 10, 2011

DWTS 13: Week 4 Movie Score Themes

First off sorry for the lack of re-cap last week, just didn't have much to say about it.  I did make a few notes that I might incorporate into this week.

Oh, and while I was ecstatic that Lacey and Chaz got to stay Mark & Kirsten's elimination was shockingly unexpected.

I guess people were really turned off by her sexy Samba.  Usually that tends to have a positive effect.  Whatever the reason  I don't think they deserved it. 

I'm a huge fan of movie scores and t.v. scores in general so I always find this night to be one of the most fun, this one was no exception.

Chynna & Tony "Mission Impossible" inspired Tango complete with the drop from the ceiling via harness.  I think Tony probably regrets that though, looks like he hurt himself a little.

Sadly Chynna blanked out on the plot along with her entire routine tonight.  The judges were all in agreement on that front.

Though Carrie Ann thought what she did remember was spot on.  I hope she gets another shot next week.  I don't think she has had a chance to reach her full potential like something tells me she can just yet.

I have to commend Tony it had to be quite hard to choreograph a Tango of all things to this particular theme.  He did the best with what he was given really.  21/30 isn't terrible so we'll see what happens.

David & Kym "Indiana Jones" Paso Doble was his best dance by far in the competition in my opinion.

Though the judges said that about last week.  Carrie Ann and Bruno loved his work this week as well.  Although Bruno pointed out David should watch his turns.

Len was not surprisingly unimpressed (it was kind of the theme of the night for him this week).  I loved that he stayed in character through out, didn't freak out, or lose his place.

He looked confident, and like he knew what he was doing for the first time in the competition.  23/30 was their final score.

Carson & Anna danced a fun "Pirate's of the Caribbean" Viennese Waltz complete with Johnny Depp inspired look.  I'm not sure whether there was more content in it this time, or how much of it was actually done correctly (which was the judges complaint last week).

Bruno thought it was a bit like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Carrie Ann thought this was Carson's most butch performance but like Bruno thought it was a bit up and down.

Len didn't see any footwork, or technique but found it to be great fun.  In the end they found themselves at the very bottom of the leader board this week with 20/30.

Nancy & Tristan "Flash Gordon" Paso Doble (2nd weirdest song choice of the evening).  Len found the dance competent, but saw zero excitement.  Carrie Ann thought Nancy deserved more credit for her efforts (being the oldest contestant).

But that she needed to connect with the audience more which sort of went hand in hand with Bruno who mentioned she needed to get into her character more.

Honestly I'm over her being on the show.  While I still commend her for doing a decent job with the dancing.

Personality and watch-ability wise she's just plain boring, so I'm hoping she goes home tomorrow.  Although it could be Chynna and Tony instead.  Final score 21/30

Hope & Maks "You Got a Friend" Toy Story inspired Foxtrot complete with Jessie and Woody costumes.  Bruno found it lovely, Carrie Ann thought it was refreshing and made her smile all the way through.

Len was frustrated because he thinks she has potential to go all the way, but just isn't putting in the work.  I tend to agree with him on this one.

Unless she starts applying herself more soon, she's going to go home if not this week then the next. 24/30 was their total.

Rob & Cheryl "Superman"/ Clark Kent Paso Doble.  Carrie Ann seemed to rave about the fluidity of his movement (which I will give him points for)  But aside from that I wasn't particularly impressed.

He lacked aggression and dominance 2 most important ingriediants in a Paso Doble.  Len didn't mind it, but wanted more drama.  Bruno said he had musicality, but needed to be more assertive.

Ricky & Derek "Psycho" inspired Tango.  Carrie Ann said it best.  Brilliance in the ballroom.  This had to be the weirdest and hardest routine to choreograph in the history of the show.

And yet once again Derek showed why he's the king of masterful choreography.  Len's earlier complaint about drama was certainly fulfilled.

His comment was pretty spot on too Derek is like the U.S. postal service and he certainly does deliver every time.

It's no surprise that they received the best score of the night (and the first 10's of the season).

A near perfect 29/30.

Chaz & Lacey "Rocky" Paso Doble.  Just like the song Carrie Ann felt inspired and wanted to root for Chaz after it was over.

Just like the song he keeps fighting and getting stronger.  Bruno thought it was his best dance to date.

I thought it was well done, brought back a lot of the exuberant joy that was missing from his Rumba last week. Better dance with a better score then last week as well 21/30.

J.R. & Karina "Pink Panther" Foxtrot was the 2nd best dance of the night.  Len agreed said it was the best male dance with just the right amount of comedy and slapstick.

Carrie Ann found the performance flat (which was surprising).

Bruno found it fabulous, and was impressed with his ability to nail all styles of dancing.  I gotta agree this guy has a real shot of making it all the way to the finals along with Ricki and Derek.

They got the 2nd highest score again 26/30.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Martina Hingis & Roger Federer participating in 2012 Australian Open?

Former World No.1 Martina Hingis of Switzerland, along with compatriot Roger Federer, is expected to return to the Grand Slam with the 2012 Australian Open in a bid to compete in the London Olympics.

Hingis, 31, is understood to be partnering Federer in mixed doubles here and also participate in the first staging of a veterans' event for women.

Hingis, winner of five majors including the 1997 and 1999 Melbourne Park titles, has not contested a major tournament since the 2007 US Open.

If Hingis were to partner Federer in mixed doubles in Melbourne their Olympic stock would be enhanced, Herald Sun reported.

Apart from Hingis, the winners of the past four women singles majors - Kim Clijsters, Li Na, Petra Kvitova and Sam Stosur - as well as Serena and Venus Williams are expected to fill in their entries.

The Australian Open men's title will be celebrating its 100th edition, but officials chose remained tightlipped about the presence of a "special guest".

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Song of the Moment: Ingrid Michaelson-Turn to stone

I've heard a bunch of songs from this artist on Grey's Anatomy over the years.  The more I hear the more I love.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Martina Hingis 2012 mixed doubles rumors still going strong

Leo Schlink of the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne reports that Martina Hingis is “expected to make a return” at the 2012 Australian Open, which will be held Jan. 16-29. 

The report says that Hingis would not return for singles, but rather for mixed doubles and a legends event.

The report comes a day before a scheduled press conference about the 2012 Australian Open, which is to feature a “a live Q & A session with our surprise tennis superstar guest.”

The report continues months of speculation about a possible return to competition for Hingis, stemming from her admission in July that she had been approached by a member of Roger Federer’s camp about possibly competing together for Switzerland in mixed doubles at the 2012 Olympics in London. 

Mixed doubles, which has not been an Olympic discipline in tennis since 1924, is being reintroduced at next year’s competition, which will be held in Wimbledon at the hallowed All-England Club.

At a tournament in Cincinnati in August, Federer discussed his intention to speak to Hingis about their possible partnership. It is not yet known whether Hingis’ possible play in Melbourne would be with Federer or another partner.

Paul McNamee, director of the annual Hopman Cup event in Perth that precedes the Australian Open, spoke of his intention to recruit Federer and Hingis to his tournament during the U.S. Open.

Hope this Q&A clears things up once and for all.