Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hingis ready to start anew


Well, after a long dry spell in tennis news I finally have something good to report. Martina Hingis has announced she's back to 100% , and has no nagging hip or back problems that have been giving her trouble since May.

I think that deserves a woo-hoo! :D. Now she can compete full time again to the best of her ability, hopefully for the rest of this year.

She's starting things off with the Acura Classic tournament which began this past weekend. A tournament she's had prior success in.

As always she's facing some challenges right off the bat, with her first opponent being Michaela Krajicek . I'll have more news on how that goes tomorrow.

After all the problems she's had recently, I hope everything goes smoothly and she plays a great match.

It's good to see that her determination and desire for competition is back in full force. Now the only thing that remains is to see how far it'll take her.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Top 20 Tennis bloopers

It just goes to show you, even the worlds best athletes make mistakes :D. As hilarious as these are I can't help but sympathize with them. It's tough to repeat any phrase in English when it is not your first language.

And a lot of these players know at least 5. Although I wonder what that says about the players who speak only one MySpace Smilies

Oh, you gotta love Maria Sharapova's little crack towards the end, yeah I guess for her 30 mil is just chump change.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Taking "The Walk" with Hanson part 2

What? you didn't seriously think I divide my posts into parts for no reason at all did you?. Well I guess some people do, but I'm not one of them:P.

Nope, this is a continuation of my Hanson rant lol. Now that I have the album I feel the need to describe how I feel about it through a more detailed review of each song (including my favourite lyrics). So here we go:

Great Divide

The album starts off with the African children's choir chanting "Ngi Ne Themba" ("I have hope" in their native language). It leads right into the first few bars of electric guitar, with a steady beat of snare, and a melody that grabs you right up to the very end. This song may just be Hanson's best, musically, lyrically and spiritually. A fine piece of work.

With words like:

" The earth is shaking under siege And every breath will meet its fate
Still we hunger for a moment of freedom. Even though the hour is late, I find hope and it gives me rest, I find hope in a beating chest, I find hope in what I don't see, I find hope in your hate for me, have no fear when the waters rise, we can conquer this great divide."

It's hard not to pay attention.

Been There Before

This is one of 2 songs that has been in the works for years, and I for one am so glad it made it on this album because it is one of my absolute favourites. Here the children's gospel choir once again perfectly complements the "bluesy" sound of the song. To me the chorus of this song describes exactly what the album manages to accomplish and in a way what it's all about.

" Tell me does it, move you? Does it soothe you? Does it fill your heart and soul with the roots of rock and roll?"

And the answer to that is a resounding YES!!.


The piano bars of this song get you instantly. The whole song is a soothing slow melody, up until the chorus that is, at which point it lifts off into an energetic harmony so characteristic of the band. This is one of two favourite Taylor vocals for me (the other being "Blue Sky").

"Georgia, you know that you've been on my mind. Georgia, we've both learned to compromise. I'll be there for you, when everybody's coming unglued. I'll be there for you; I won't say you have to choose. `Cause I don't want to let you go, and I don't want to lose you slowly. I just want to let you know, that it's only just a little back and forth lately..."

Watch Over Me

Sadly the only Isaac lead on the entire album:(. But certainly not disappointing. Ike has proven time and time again that he is the king of raspy edgy rock songs. But with this track he's proven he can croon a sweet, sad ballad just as effectively.

"She wakes and takes her place in line, and never bothers asking why the mirror sheds no light at all. The days turn into lesser days until there's only night. The light it wouldn't help she's too far gone. Her time is up it's five o'clock. It never stops. And she says please, and she says please. And she says please, watch over me".

Running Man

Or as Tay calls it "the party track". And it certainly is, this is one you can definitely dance to. The first of many leads by Zac. The song itself is fairly simple: Guy wants girl. Girl's with another guy. The guy is sad and runs away. But it's got a groovy melody that's sure to stick with you for weeks.

"Waiting up all night, there's something on my mind; I need to tell you why (whoa-oh-oh.) He's playing you for a fool, he's fooling `round on you, and I just lost my cool, feeling so sad. Too bad for the running man, cause he waits too long so he can't come back again. Too bad for the running man, cause I'm right here waiting to make that girl forget. Too bad for the running man, goodbye."


The second lead song by Zac, it's not hard to see why they chose this as the first single. It's got another great melody and some nice lyrics to boot. I've wondered though what the "pipes get rusty" part of the lyrics refers to. My first thought was definitely not of the plumber variety. Guess that's just my dirty mind at work lol.

"For all the love we've made, just one thing stays the same, the lamp gets dusty, the pipes get rusty, but I don't want to wash my hands clean. You say you love me too, then why won't you go through, with the nightly kisses, with the hits and the misses, if you can make it on your own then ... Go, if you wanna go, but stay, if you wanna know the way, through the mess we've made, and lie in a bed you know, or go."

Fire on the Mountain

Another Zac lead, driven by acoustic guitar. It's a simple short yet poignant song about life with some political bits thrown in for good measure. The chorus is what really gets you, it's a slap in the face if you will on the basics of life. I think out of all the songs on the album this is one I identify with the most. The length of the song leaves you pining for more.

"We sit secure in time-honored traditions made, never wondering where or when the sickle may come, if we don't seek our knowledge to be greater men, when the rain starts falling gonna drown before we get our feet wet. We build our ivory towers to protect us from the flood, a fleet of vessels made of wood so they won't rust, but can we see the bottom of the bottle when we start to drink, there's fire on the mountain, fire and it's coming our way."

"Live. Learn. Life. Love. Die. Dust. Gone".

One More

This one took a few listens, but it has more then grown on me. Like all the other tracks the music is great, it's the lyrics in the song I didn't have a feel for. I'm not exactly sure why, but again after multiple listens you definitely start to get the full impact of the song. Props to Tay for a variety of vocal ranges on this one, oh and love the acapella intro of "Blue Sky" by the children's choir at the very end.

I sit here by myself, just staring into space. I thought I knew you well. Well who can ever say. It seems I've spent so long, I can't define my right from wrong. One more for the night, one more for the pain and one more, long goodbye. And one shot to the brain, and one more takes the knife. And one more takes the train. Who do I name today"

Blue Sky

As I mentioned earlier this is my second favourite Taylor lead. Another great rock tune, full of energy largely due to the children's choir once again, and Taylor's raspy vocals of course. The music and beat of the song much like "Running Man" make you wanna get up and dance. And the lyrics aren't half as bad either ;).

"I'm blind with eyes wide open, my body's tired and broken, I want a taste of something that doesn't leave me dry. This hope for answered questions, as rare as true conviction, I stare into the distance, there is no truth in sight, who can tell me why... I've seen the main attraction, I've felt the moment's passion, I won't be no soap box teacher, just taking your time, just taking your time, who can tell me why."

Everybody's looking for a blue sky, searching for an answer on a satellite.
I know that there's got to be a blue sky out there to see. A blue sky waiting for me."

Tearing It Down

By far my favourite Zac song (after "The Walk"). Such a fun rock number with awesome hooky accompanying guitar. Absolutely love the lyrics in this one, and the simple yet very effective bridge :).

I am, taking a chance. Walking with my laces loose, wrapped up, taking the maze. That everybody's running through. I'm sick of, black tie, nickel and dime. We're going through the roof. I'm not a wise man, but I see the haze. And this is what I'm gonna do. Tearing it down.
tearing it down."

Something Going Round

Another favourite on the album for me, you can't help but move when listening to this one. Alternating lead between Taylor and Isaac, this is another tune where Hanson makes great use of their voice, and harmonizing talent.

"Are you hungry? Won't you come get your fill. We'd get this thing in motion, if you stop acting tough. Superstar you sit up high on your hill. Well I know why you're running, only you know what you've lost. I've got this something that's been going `round, I've got this something, you don't know it, but you need it."

Your Illusion

A track that has been in the works since 2000's "This Time Around". According to the guys the song never seemed to fit anywhere on the previous album. Well, it certainly fits perfectly on this one. It's a vocally and musically haunting tune that just gets to you.

With another solid lead performance by Tay. Oh, and I admit the first line of the song caught me by surprise. Never thought I would see that in a Hanson song lol. I guess that's another proof that these guys have definitely matured.

"You say you want to kill yourself, it might make it just a little bit easier. You think you're the only one who hurts, try looking just a little bit harder. I don't know why you're holding on.
To the damage that's been done. 'Cause you've got me wrapped up in your illusion, I keep on trying to change your conclusion, but you've got me wrapped up in your illusion, I keep on dying, cause you're busy wasting life."

The Walk

The title track, and deservedly so. It's my second favourite Zac song on the album, and the first ever lyrically. He's really come a long, long way from his early days of writing and this song is the perfect example. I've loved this one ever since getting my first taste of it on the "Underneath Live and Acoustic" DVD.

This is also the track where you notice how far he has come vocally as well. His voice used to really irritate me, but now his tone has a soothing quality to it and like Taylor's a great vocal range. A range that is perfectly demontrated in this song with tone changes that go from comforting and sweet to forcefull and demending with effortless ease.

"Everyone waits on the walk, some are long and some small, but all of them tall. And everyone must make a choice. Will I go for it all, possibly fall? The tightrope is thin, I could possibly win, on the walk. Well high on the walk, the tightrope it bends, and nobody knows where it ends. To win or to lose, you're all on your own, `cause everyone must be alone. On the tightrope, everything's bare, all that there is, is from here to there. On the tightrope, the goal is quiet clear, don't lose yourself in your fear."

I really like the overall messege of this song, facing the uknown as described by the band and over coming the challanges life throws your way (that's my interpretation).

In A Way (Japan only track)

Oh, how I wish this one was included on the North American version. This is another one of Zac's songs and it tells a sad poignant story of a mother wanting to leave this world. Who knew Zac was so deep?. I certainly had no clue till I heard this song. Aside from the music this song contains my fave piece of lyric ever written by Hanson.

"Love is only what you give up, life isn't what you get, love won't always fill your cup, but life's when you start to live, life's when you learn to give."

I am (Japan only track)

Another Zac lead I really wish was included on all versions of the album. There's something about the melody in this one that I can't quite put my finger on, but it's that same element that makes this song irresistable to the ear.

The tune itself is the bands ( well perhaps maybe just Zac's) interpretation of the world we live in and the situations we face. This song is also quite ironic, in that Zac is signing about being a father (and son).

And yet he's the only one of the members without a little bundle of joy. Unless maybe he's talking about being a father in the greater sense of the word, or maybe I'm just reading way too much into it lol.

"Gone astray, we find ourselves, right on the edge, of falling apart. Don't you see, it's in our ways, when something's done wrong, we just go along. It lights a fire, inside of me, just show me when, this living stops. I am father and son, I am all that I fear, I could choose to give up, we could tear the world apart. All on my own, I'm trying, to change how you see and what you believe. To fight fire with fire and live eye for eye, we'll all end up blind and burning."

This album was completely worth the 3 year wait and it is undoubtedly one of their best. I can't wait to hear what they'll come up with next :).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Price is Right....enter

Drew Carey?. WTF?! seriously?. OK, maybe it's just because I've never been a fan of his and I find his brand of comedy not funny in the least. But that's the best the producers of CBS could come up with?.

I'm really not sure about this choice, I mean I remember when Drew hosted "Whose Line is it Anyway" and honestly he wasn't any good IMO.

If it were me I would have chosen someone like Richard Karn, if I had to choose a man. Btw. it's a little disappointing the network didn't break from the conventional and get a woman host. But that's networks for ya.

More info in this article

Monday, July 23, 2007

Taking "The Walk" with Hanson part 1

I don't get a chance to do this often, and I've been waiting for this opportunity a very long time so you will all just have to excuse me, while I go all teenager on you and gush about one of my favourite bands, Hanson. Say what you will about these guys but there's no denying that they've worked hard and honed their craft over the years.

I have been a fan of theirs since I was 14 (and no it's not just about the looks, well ok maybe now it is a part of it lol, but overall it's always been about the music). Honestly over the years these 3 guys have gotten better and better.

I think what I like about this band the most is that every album of theirs has a different sound, showing their evolution, and more so since they've split with Island Deaf Jam and started their own recording company (3CG Records).

Hanson's latest album entitled "The Walk" which comes out this Tuesday is by far one of their best pieces of work to date. Three years ago I thought that nothing could top the mellow and brooding sound of "Underneath", but I am happy to say I was wrong. "The Walk" has an even more mature sound and feel, musically and lyrically.

The sound itself ranges from soul to gospel to straight feel good rock and roll with familiar harmonies throughout. I think this latest effort also possess something that went missing on a lot of the songs from "Underneath".

And it is particularly evident on the track called "Great Divide" which is sang with an enormous amount of passion, vigor and conviction (give me goose bumps the first time I heard it). Those three elements bring a wonderful energy to the album that hasn't been heard since "This Time Around" (2000).

"Great Divide" is also one of 3 songs which features the south African children's choir, the other 2 being "Blue Sky" and "Been There Before". Two of my favourite songs on the album. On all 3 of the songs the children's choir blends in effortlessly with the brother's harmonies giving the songs an inspirational feel and energy.

Speaking of harmonies there is plenty of that on this album as on all other Hanson albums. Harmonies are a staple of the band and they always give all their songs that extra 'umph'. This album also showcases some great guitar riffs by Isaac Hanson which demonstrate just how far he has come.

And for the first time ever Zac Hanson sings lead on 6 songs. In terms of vocals Isaac has always been a favourite but after hearing Zac on this album I think that's changed. He's got a great falsetto, might even be better then Taylor's.

I think what's most interesting about this album is it's message of as Hanson themselves describe in one of their podcast "stepping out there and facing the unknown" as well as the message of vulnerability. Something that is perfectly illustrated on the title track.

Every time a new Hanson album is released the question of radio playable songs is always raised. And the truth is Hanson may never have completely radio friendly songs because they keep re-inventing their sound. Which is the only thing any good band should concern themselves with in my opinion. And I appluad them for that.

From what I've been able to gather over the years Hanson is not 'playable' partly because some folks think the use of harmonious "oooh's, aaah's and nanana" sounds in their lyrics shows lack of maturity and or ruins the songs. Personally I don't give a frak, that's always been part of the bands appeal for me. And I think more bands should adapt their sound.

It is a solid piece of work the only thing that could have made it better (at least for me) would be more lead tracks by Ike. And the inclusion of 2 tracks that were on the Japanese release "I am" and "In a Way". Two of my perhaps all time fave songs done by Zac. Hopefully they'll be included on one of their DVD's.

Ok, I think that fills my ranting quota for the year lol. If you haven't got the album yet go out and get it, it'll be worth your while (I'm getting mine tomorrow). Their "Mmmboping" days are far behind them. They've been replaced by 3 guys who sing feel good rock and roll. You can check out the new album on AOL's Listening Party it will be available till next Monday.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A break from the norm

Till my body is dust
Till my soul is no more
I will love you
Love you

Till the sun starts to cry
And the moon turns to rust
I will love you
Love you

But I need to know
Will you stay for all time
Forever and a day?

And I'll give my heart
Till the end of our time
Forever and a day

And I need to know
Will you stay for all time
Forever and a day?

And I'll give my heart
Till the end of our time
Forever and a day

Till the stars fill my eyes
And we touch the last time
I will love you
Love you
I will love you
Love you
I will love you
Love you

I Will Love You~ Fisher

I thought I would change things up a bit and share some favourite music, well ok lyrics with y'all :D.

I can't seem to get enough of this band lately a lot of their songs just really resonate with me. The above song is actually the song that got me hooked.

This song was released all the way back in '97. Which is the year the band was formed.

I guess I must have missed it, since at that time I was more into main stream and I don't think the band was. Actually they've gone back and forth between main stream and independent.

Nonetheless I am SO glad I discovered them when I did, it's a good thing I check out a lot of fan made music videos (that's where I got my first taste).

I would say the sound is a cross between Sarah McLachlan and Evanescence, like those two artists Fisher have a lot of piano driven songs and thought provoking lyrics.

All of which were a big part of the appeal for me. The other part would have to be all the great hooky melodies, a staple for the band.

To get a feel for this great band I would also recommend these songs:

Dirty Girl
Had To
Believe In Something

If you want to find out more about Fisher check out their site, also check out iTunes for more of their stuff.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Deja Vu

Is it me or are there an awful lot of recycled ideas coming to t.v. next year ?. First there's the Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX which is based on the Terminator movies. And now NBC is bringing back the 70's classic Bionic Woman.

Now I admit the trailer looks pretty good, and I like the actress who plays the main character.

Plus you can't go wrong with Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) playing the villain. And since I've never actually seen the original series being an 80's baby and all I might actually enjoy it.

But I just find it so sad that like the movies the t.v. world can't come up with original ideas anymore.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Fair-feathered friend part 3

Since nothing remotely interesting is going on in my personal life as per usual lol (yeah I know it's sad). I thought I would give y'all another update on my pet cockatiel.

The adjustment period is moving along quite well for my birdie. He's now eating and drinking out of his cage dishes.

I suspect he's been doing that for a while but today was when my mom and I actually noticed it. It also explains why so often when we give him water he doesn't want to drink it. And we also noticed today that he does eat the seeds just not large amounts. So definite progress there.

Last week we give him a bath with one of those mist bottles (for watering plants). I got this idea after seeing a YouTube video that another cockatiel owner put up. Actually I think I even mentioned that in my captions.

Anyway, he thoroughly enjoyed it, he kept lifting his wings so my mom could sprinkle water under them lol. It was a cute sight.

He seemed very content after it was over too, very wet but very happy. I'm actually going to try to tape this little ritual when we do it again this week, because it's just too funny.

Let's see what else, oh yeah my dad is still his favourite person so it's safe to say it'll probably remain that way. But he's definitely not a one person bird and likes spending time with me and my mom.

Although only when he's in a good mood lol. He's still doing the biting thing and won't allow me to touch or scratch him the same way he does my dad. Which is obviously a male/female dominance thing.

But I'm confident that as time goes on, he'll like women just as much, especially if that part I read about cockatiels going through behavioural changes after 2 years is true. Hopefully after a couple of years my mom and I will move to the top of his list.

We are also currently trying to keep him away from perching on our shoulders, because I have read that doing so makes cockatiels feel dominant.

Keeping him on our palms at all times has proven to be quite a challenge, because he keeps escaping to the shoulder.

But we've all noticed that it's effective, and actually makes him less aggressive. So I think we'll stick with it.

As for the food well, anything we eat is still to his liking, in fact whenever we eat he always investigates to see what it is. Doesn't always like it, but is willing to try. And he's getting smarter in terms of knowing our meal times.

Actually he's gotten quite demanding in that respect, especially when it comes to potatoes which he goes absolutely ga-ga over lol. It's really amusing to watch him actually, he attacks the plate of potatoes as if someone was trying to take it away from him at any moment.

He's quite the little character, we're all very glad to have him in our lives, he makes us laugh on a daily basis making each one a little brighter as a result. Yeah, I know that was sappy, what can I say? it's true. :D

Oh, and I apologize for the lack of updates lately but I'm finding July to be a really boring month entertainment or sports-wise. There will be lots to talk about in August though.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Kim Clijsters weds!!

Earlier this week I mentioned that Kim was pregnant and soon to be married well that day finally came, she got hitched in a secret ceremony today. So a big congrats to her and her husband basketball star Brian Lynch.

Seems like lots of tennis stars are either engaged to be married or pregnant these days. I'm just waiting for the day when Martina Hingis will announce the same thing (please don't let this happen for at least a couple more years).

Again big congratulations to the happy couple :).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adorable bird antics

I found these cute videos on YouTube and decided to share:).

I did this to my cockatiel today with a squirt bottle as well he loved it:)

This is what I'm hoping to eventually teach my bird, although I'm currently trying the theme from "The Smurfs". But maybe this one will be more effective

I think this little guy is doing his impression of Batman lol

This little guy is precious

Playing basketball :D

It's really amazing what these little guys can do, they give the "bird brain" expression a whole new meaning.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First comes marriage...

Kim and fiance Brian Lynch

Well it seems that a wedding is not the only thing Kim Clijsters has going on in her life these days. Her dad has just announced that Kim is pregnant!. So a big congratulations to Kim and her soon to be husband Brian.

I think it's safe to say that all tennis fans already miss her immensely, but I'm glad things are going well for her. She's achieving what she always wanted to which was having a family.

So good on ya Kim! :). For all those who don't know Kim retired from professional tennis earlier this year due to nagging injuries.

Monday, July 09, 2007

More good news on "Dead Like Me"

If you're a fan of "Dead Like Me" then you're gonna love this juicy bit of news. According to Ellen Muth's Myspace page (that's right even she has one, who knew?:).

If the "Dead Like Me" DVD movie is successful enough it may return to t.v. as a series again MySpace Smilies

Wait, I'm conflicted what does "you'll have to be the judge of whether or not you like the new concept" mean?.

I hope they don't make any drastic changes format or cast wise. Why is it that directors and producers never stick to the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" philosophy?.

Also there's no word on whether the show would be on Showtime again, man it better be!. No other network will give them as much creative freedom.

In any case guess if we want to see this great series back on the tube we'll all have to go out and buy multiple copies of the movie.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

And the 2007 men's Wimbledon Champion is....


Roger Federer:) 5th time in a row that is. He beat Rafael Nadal in a very tough, tight 5 setter (first one ever for Roger at this particular tournament).

There was a lot of close calls in this match and there were plenty of times where Nadal looked like he would get away with it, but Roger's superb serve got him out of trouble continuously on all the big points.

I really have to give credit to Nadal, he's one hell of a competitor!. He remains the only player in the men's draw who can ruffle Roger's feathers and make him loose his cool. Yep, Rafa is definitely Rogers greatest rival.

It was definitely too close for comfort, but Roger Federer once again came through in the clinch. Winning his 5th straight Wimbledon title and becoming a part of history as only the second man in the open era (Bjorn Borg being the first) to win this tournament 5 times consecutively. Congratulations Roger! :). Here's hoping for a lucky number 6 in 2008.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wimbledon 2007 winding down

Well looks like 07/07/07 turned out to be a lucky day for Venus Williams she won her forth Wimbledon title in straight sets over Marion Bartoli.

It's really too bad I sort of got the feeling that if Bartoli had hang in there a little longer and taken the match to a 3rd set, Venus would not have won.

Especially since she was having thigh issues towards the very end. But hey, better Venus then Serena. That woman's ego doesn't need anymore boosting.

Federer won his match pretty routinely in 3 sets over Frenchman Richard Gasquet, the match no doubt made easier by Gasquet's exhaustion from the 5 setter with Andy Roddick the previous day. So now it is another re-match of Federer and Nadal, Federer of course going for a record 5th consecutive Wimbledon.

Should be an interesting match, Roger may have to work a little more tomorrow to win the final but I will give him the upper hand.

Out of the 2 Federer is the better grass player. Roger has been a little rusty due to so much rest in between his matches (forced by rain) but I have a feeling he'll pull through.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Shockers at Wimbledon

Ok one major shocker really, a virtual unknown 19th ranked Marion Bartoli knocked Justine-Henin out of Wimbledon in 3 sets!.

So now she has set up a meeting with Venus Williams in the final. We could have a first time non top ten player as the winner this year, that's worth sticking around to see.

I'm really really surprised at Henin though she was so solid the entire tournament people were calling her the female Roger Federer. This tournament is definitely turning into a memorable one.

On the men's side Richard Gasquet beat Andy Roddick to get into his first semi, which isn't such a big shocker, but it could prove quite a challenge for Roger Federer. I have a feeling this is going to be one heck of a semi- final on both sides.

Usually as the tournament winds down it becomes predictable but this year is the complete opposite. Once again I am sad that Hingis didn't make it further, if it weren't for the injury this could have been her year.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another washout day at Wimbledon

As some of you may know by now I usually stop watching a tournament after Martina loses, but this year's Wimbledon has been so full of drama I can't seem to pull myself away. First there's the constant rain, which has disrupted play 21 times!.

It'll truly be a miracle if the organizers can still have the championships this weekend, with the way things are going I have feeling the men's final may have to happen on Monday.

They really should consider breaking tradition and extend the tournament, hopefully things will get better in 2009 that's when they'll have the center court retractable roof which is currently in the works.

Going back to the drama bit I mentioned, how freaking melodramatic was the Serena/Hantuchova match!?. Anymore dramatic and I would have been watching a soap opera lol.

I was beyond happy when Justine kicked her butt out of the tournament, I was getting so sick of her attitude and her over confident speeches about winning. Glad Justine proved her wrong!. If I had to hear anymore Serena worshiping from all the commentators I was going to chuck something at my t.v.

Now it is looking more and more likely that Justine will have to beat another William's sister in the final, here's hoping Venus totally chokes. She already has 3 Wimbledon's it's time for someone else to get it.

It will also be interesting to see if Roger can get his 5th title and become a part of history, something tells me he will after all he is the 'king of grass'.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fair feathered friend part 2

Cuba having fun on top of my dads head lol

Well, it's been over a week now and our birdie is adjusting well, he's starting to eat more (although he's still avoiding seeds) so that's a work in progress. Human food is more to his liking, potatoes, pasta, lettuce, carrots and apples are all things he continues to enjoy. I even got him to try some meat today.

He's also becoming more vocal, he was making a lot of noise today (hasn't worked out a melody yet I'm trying to teach him the theme from The Smurfs lol) . It seems my dad is on top of the list of people he goes to, so far I'm second and my mom is third.

Sadly I don't think that will change anytime soon. He's also becoming more confident. We got him a brand spankin' new cage today, with lots of sticks to perch on and lots more room.

We put him in for a bit and he definitely liked the high perch on the left side of the cage, it provided him with a nice vintage point and a view of the window. This cage also let's in a lot more light, I have a feeling we'll have to cover it at night otherwise we'll be up at the crack of dawn. Literally lol.

We're still trying to get him to stop biting, but since these things take time we'll just have to be patient. Though unlike my last bird he bites very lightly and he's definitely a lot more active and a lot more fun.

He was completely spoiled this weekend spending time with all 3 of us outside of the cage. We will have to get more strict in that respect because he still doesn't want to eat inside of the cage out of his dishes and prefers to eat out of a hand.

We've all noticed though that if we don't pay attention to him and leave him in the cage he'll eat almost out of spite lol. And if we (specifically my mom and I) don't let him out right away he gets mad at us and won't come out of the cage for hours even if the door is open lol. Yep, he can be very sweet but also moody and tempermental very much like a human lol.

He definitely makes all our lives interesting:).

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mini Die Hard 4.0 Review

Just saw the new "Live Free or Die Hard" aka Die Hard 4.o flick and found it highly enjoyable. Lots of witty banter and over the top outlandish stunts and action sequences.

The car crash into the helicopter looked cool unrealistic but way cool. This movie has more techno-babble and gadgets then you can shake a stick at. As a geek I found that to my liking, but it probably made a lot of other people yawn lol.

I liked Justin Long in this movie he has pretty good chemistry with Willis maybe not as good as Sam Jackson, but he's definitely believable as a terrified hacker and injects some nice humor throughout. John McClane's cynical humor is of course a staple of all the Die Hard movies and this one doesn't disappoint. Well some people might say different since it lacks it's quota of the f words, but I digress.

I absolutely loved the actress who played the grown up Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), John McClane's daughter. She had some classic scenes, and definitely knows the Die Hard movies well.

I was a bit disappointed with the bad guy in this one, but that's probably because he relied on all the high tech tricks rather then your standard drag out knuckle fight. Not to say that the film doesn't have any, McClane throws in plenty of punches in this one too.

And I do wish they had done a bit more research on government interiors, instead of having some that looked like sets out of a sci-fi movie. But with all the fast paced action and the wise-cracking you quickly forget about it.

Every Die Hard movie had that one scene or one line that became an instant classic, in this movie that scene occurs towards the very end, I won't say what it is because it'll ruin it. I will say this it certainly makes up for the unsatisfactory bits (at least to all the true Die Hard fans).

I would definitely see this one again, and I'm thinking of getting it on DVD. I can't say whether this one is the best in the franchise, because I haven't seen the first 3 movies in years and this one comes 12 years after the last.

But I can certainly say that after 12 years Bruce Willis is still the man!, at 52 years old he still looks as imposing as ever and still fits his character like a glove. Not having much recollection about the other 3 I was able to enjoy this one more since I wasn't comparing or over-analyzing it.

Out of all the sequels to come out this summer, this one definitely doesn't suck.