Monday, September 28, 2009

DWTS 9: Week 2 Tango, Jive & Quick step

Tonight it was the battle of the sexes with both men and women facing off against each other on the same night.

Derek & Joanna
started the night off with an energetic Jive. I thought it was very well done, but compared to the Jives of season's past (such as Kristi Yamaguchi's in S6 for example) it kinda fell short.

I should also mention middle judge Len (or as I like to call him grumpy) was missing tonight (he's busy judging the original Dancing with the Stars in England) but will be back next week.

His replacement was pleasant, but I did not agree with his assesment of Derek's and Joanna's lack of relationship/coupleness in the dance.

I don't know what dance he was watching, but those 2 looked as couply as could be. They were given a score of 20/30. So not bad, but not outstanding.

Alec & Natalie were next with a Quickstep that again really didn't wow me. And unlike the Joanna/Derek number lacked chemistry.

The judges reminded her she needs to remember to breathe in between each move (instead of holding her breath as she's used to when swimming).

I would have to agree it made the whole performance look really stiff. I do hope she is given another chance though.

Because I still believe she could get better with more work. Surprisngly they scored one point higher then Joanna and Derek with 21/30.

Anna & Chuck
I mentioned last week that I thought the guy had potential and he demonstrated just that tonight with a very agressive/scary Tango.

With this type of intensity I think he's gonna be perfect for the Paso Doble, so I really hope he sticks around for a while yet.

Btw. nice touch topping the dance off with the ripping of the shirt at the end, and showing off your six pack there Chuck.

The dance may have only earned a 19/20 from the judges, but it'll score you a few extra votes with the ladies.

Also count yourself very lucky that Len was away this week, or he might have docked a point for peck envy;).

Mark & Melissa Joan Heart I do love watching this man do the Jive.

Nice to see her finally relax a little bit, now if she works a little harder on the steps she may just turn into a contender.
19/20 seemed to be a popular score for the first half of the night.

Anna & Micheal
kudos to both of them for a big improvement over last week.

This time he was given more content with the Quickstep and handled it quite well. Still not a fave of mine, but with a score of 20/30 perhaps all hope is not lost for him yet.

Maks & Debi another major improvement over last week, but still no likeability factor for me. Their tension filled training sessions certainly helped sell a very convincing Tango.

I don't see her going too far in the competition however. They earned a point higher then the couple before them.

Chelsie & Louie I like these 2 together both being the youngest in the show they have wonderful enthusiasm when dancing.

Unlike the judges I quite enjoyed their Jive, I thought it was fun and edgy. This guy definitely has a lot of promise. With 19/30 they are at the bottom of the leader board, but a point above one other couple.

I hope people vote for them, I enjoy his exuberance and would like to see more of it.

Karina & Aaron aka kermit the frog. With a Jive set to the theme from the Muppet Show (complete with a green attire and the muppets themselves) he's slowly becoming the man to beat. With 27/30 he also became a judge favourite.

I'm liking his confidence too, although if he isn't careful the judges will start expecting perfection everytime thus getting picky. Which as many contestants have found out in the past could dramatically lower your score.

Louis & Kelly didn't fair too well with their Tango. Unfortunetly the pressure of expectations and Kelly's own perfectionist tendencies caused her to make a bunch of costly mistakes.

Dropping her score to 19/30. I do hope this small hiccup doesn't discourage her from continuing on the way she has in the first week.

And I hope her fans dial their thumbs off tomorrow, because she deserves to stay. Along with Aaron and Mya, Kelly is one of the best dancers this season. Hang in there Kelly!.

Tony & Kathy poor Tony is not having much luck this season. The Quickstep dropped them to the bottom of the judges leader board with 18/30. They could be in danger of being booted off tomorrow.

Lacey & Mark also did a Quickstep with a slightly better total score of 21/30.

Apparently Mark slipped at one point during the dance, but he did a very good job of covering it, because I didn't even notice. Guess it's a good thing I'm not a judge *lol*.

I find Mark and Lacey highly entertaining, so I'm rooting for him to make it to next week.

Dmitry & Mya along with Aaron had the best Jive of the night, they also received the same score tying them for 1st place on the score board.

Also is it me or did Dmitry steal Mark Ballas's nerdy glasses from S6?. He did look very Clark Kent-like though so I forgive him.

Gotta say I'm impressed with the skills Mya has shown so far. If she continues to do well she could be breaking away from the rest, and putting herself at the top very early.

Cheryl & Tom I hate to admit it, but it was actually a decent looking Tango (well if you don't count him almost dropping Cheryl to the floor at the very end that is).

He does have a surprisingly strong hold and frame. But I hope his low score of 18/30 combined with the slip with Cheryl finally gets him off the show.

He's doing absolutely nothing for me, but on the bright side at least he didn't attempt anymore lame jokes this week.

Kym & Donny well played Donny, well played. You toned down your showmanship and turned out a somewhat youthful Jive.

Speaking of what's the deal with all the age cracks?. 51 is not old!. Look at Ellen. Anyhoo Donny got a score of 25/30 not too shabby.

With so many low scores it'll be interesting to see who gets kicked off (I'm hoping it's either one of the 2 I picked).

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