Friday, November 10, 2006

Hingis beats Petrova in 3 sets in Madrid!

Well Martina may have lost against Justine-Henin but that was not the case with Petrova. This was such an enjoyable match, haven't seen one this entertaining from Hingis in a while. Hingis won it in a wonderful 3 setter.

Felt like I was watching the Hingis of old again with some great lobs, drop shots and cross-courts. And a spectacular rally in the second game. Every time I forget what a great retriever she is she reminds me with a spectacular rally. It is a joy to watch.

I have to say Nadia really wasn't in her best form she made an enormous amount of unforced errors (41 total) and seemed very agitated which of course Hingis took advantage of and went up 4/0. Before Nadia finally got herself together and got 2 games back.

Then Hingis broke Petrova again to go up 5/2 after which she lost her serve allowing Nadia to get 2 more games back before finally closing the set out on the 3rd match point with the result of 6/4. In general Petrova was very sloppy all through out the first set.

In the second set she picked it up a bit, but there was still a sea-saw effect going on. Both players held serve twice for 2/all, than Hingis broke to go up 3/2. Followed by Petrova who broke right back and held serve to go up 4/3 and broke Hingis to go up 5/3. Then Nadia again held serve and took the second set 6/3.

The 3rd set is when things really got going with both players serving and returning well. Hingis started off with a bang and a great opening game. Petrova held for 1/all. Then both players broke for 2/all and really picked up their games.

Martina's service percentage really went up in the 3rd set and she won it to go up 3/2, broke Petrova and was up 4/2. She won her serve again to go up 5/2. Petrova managed to get one game back on her serve. Hingis had to fight for match point it went to deuce but she finally closed it out on the 2nd match point.

It was interesting to watch Nadia Petrova as she first came out on court in the beginning very confident off her win with Mauresmo the previous day but she got gradually more frustrated when she realized Hingis wasn't going to be so easy. And of course by letting the frustration get to her she lost.

But what a huge win this was for Hingis not just because she'll have a chance at the semi's (if Mauresmo loses to Henin today). But because I think it'll be a great confidence booster for her to finally win a 3 setter. I think it's been a while since she's done that. Unfortunately she lost yesterday's match with Mauresmo. I'm a little late in reporting I know. But she once again managed to get that one into 3 sets.

I was not surprised at the loss. She had to be exhausted after playing 3 sets in 3 days straight. No matter how fit you are that will certainly take it's tall on you. And I'm certain that in the 3rd set she simply run out of gus. But again if Henin wins tomorrow Hingis will have a chance at the semi's, fingers crossed.

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