Monday, November 27, 2006

Frustrations abound

I'm going to be doing some job hunting in the next couple of days, probably for the rest of this week. The rents are getting really sick of me sitting at home and not doing much. Plus I have some student loans looming over my head so I have no choice.

I have no idea what I'm going for, basically going in totally blind. Hoping to get some help from people who specialize in pointing others in a certain direction. It's what happens when you take a 2 year course in College and then realize that's not what you really wanna do or exactly which direction to go in.

Mostly I'll be doing a lot of phoning and getting up early, oh joy. Anyhoo, I guess we'll see how things work out. Hell at this rate I don't expect to get anything till January. But gotta please the parental units and at least pretend like I care so they get off my back.

Boy, this has turned into one cheerful post huh? lol. At least it's making me feel better getting things off my chest. Did I mention how much I dislike this time of year by the way?. I do. I'm the total opposite of what I should be at this time.

But I guess it's because I don't enjoy Christmas the same way that I used to when I was a kid. It's not fun anymore, to me Christmas is forced family togetherness and obligatory phone calls. Anyway that's it for my rant I didn't even realize I had this much to say when I started lol.

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