Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Celebrity news

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Well, I haven't done any celebrity news for a while so to change things up a bit that's going to be tonight's update. I was actually really shocked when I heard about this a couple of days ago. The news is that Ryan Phillipe and wife Reese Witherspoon are splitting up (separating) after 7 years of marriage.

Didn't see this one coming, I've always thought if there was one Hollywood couple that would make it those 2 would have been it. Now I'm not a huge fan of Reese but there are a couple of movies of hers that I've liked "Legally Blonde" for one. You gotta feel sorry for their 2 kids. Who knows? maybe they'll reconcile one day they've always been the only sensible couple in Hollywood IMO.

And on a completely unrelated note and under the "who really gives a shit?" category lol. Tom and Katie (the couple I loathe with a fiery passion) have finally set a wedding date, November 18th. To which I say.... thank god!. Maybe now we won't have to hear about them for a while (yeah I know not happening, but I can dream lol.)

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