Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Kim Clijsters to retire again in 2012?

You've made no secret of the fact you'd like to have more children. Does that put more pressure on you in terms of what you want to achieve next season? 

I work hard and try to be the best tennis player possible, but yeah we do want to have more children. I'd like to try and keep the tennis going until the Olympics in London, at which point Jada will be obligated to go to school. So that's when I'll probably be calling it quits and just focus on the family.

She will also keep herself occupied with a tennis club she bought at home in Belgium.

Together with a friend of mine, I've bought a tennis club in Belgium — actually the club where I practice at in Bree. We're going through the process of rebuilding it, so when I retire from tennis, that's something that will interest me very much.

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Glad we at least have a couple of more years.  I would really like her to win the Australian Open, or Wimbledon before she goes away again (for good).

That's what I'm hoping, and looking forward to.  Her hoisting those 2 trophies would be a very nice icing on the cake of her career.

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