Monday, November 01, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 7 200th Episode Special

Before I go on talking about tonight I have to say I was shocked Audrina was voted off over Kurt and Bristol since clearly she was the better dancer of the two.

On the other hand had she not been the one voted off it would have been Jennifer and Derek (who in my opinion shouldn't have been in the bottom 2 in the first place), so I suppose it worked out in the end. 

I feel sorry for Tony had Audrina been saved he would have had a real shot at the mirror ball trophy.

Which for him doesn't seem to happen often (if I recall correctly he's the only one of the original cast who hasn't won the trophy, made it to finals but never won).   Moving on to the show now.

This being the show's 200th episode, the producers brought back the best past champions and runners up to help with a Cha-Cha group number.

First up team Kristi Yamaguchi consisting of Lacey & Kyle, Mark & Bristol and Rick & Cheryl.  Each team started out dancing in unison and broke off into individual routines.

While Rick & Cheryl stood out the most in terms of the dance quality Kyle & Lacey were not far behind and I thought theirs was the most fun.  Loved the M.J. inspired moves towards the end.   

Bristol & Mark weren't too bad either, she's definitely showing more and more improvement, but I'm not sure whether it'll be enough to keep her around.  More on that later.

Their total team score which would later be added to their overall individual scores was 24.

Up next was team Apollo Ohno comprised of Kurt & Anna, Brandy & Max and Jennifer & Derek.  As the judges pointed out all were equally impressive thus they received a higher score of 27.

Next it was time for each couples individual dance with a bit of a twist.  This time they had to recreate the best dances of each of the past runners up and champions.

Kyle & Lacey got my absolute fave and the second hardest (the first being Helio Castroneves Quickstep) to have a go at 5th season's Mel B. and Maks Paso Doble

Which as I've mentioned on many occasions has been simply unmatched by anyone.  Though I thought Kyle give it a valiant effort.

Mel B. thought he made it look powerful and sexy.  The judges all agreed it was his best dance.

I thought it was quite well done he definitely got the right level of passion and aggression.  And I also agree it was his best dance thus far.   35/40 was his score and an overall total of 59/70.

Kurt & Anna had to recreate Emmitt Smith's season 1 Tango.  Since I only started watching the show in season 5 I can't fairly judge whether the dance was equally good or not.

The judges were all in agreement that he looked more confident and a major improvement over last week. Bruno thought his movements were much sharper.  My opinion just as last week remains unchanged 34/40 and 61/70 overall.

Bristol & Mark received Kelly Osbourne's season 9 Viennese Waltz.  Carrie Ann and Bruno thought she still had trouble connecting, but did really well with it.

Len saw much improvement in foot work and technique.  I agree with Len on both counts,  but also like Bruno and Carrie Ann I thought the lack of emotional connection really hurt the routine.

At this point in the competition I'm starting to doubt that she'll ever get there emotion wise.

Although I have been very wrong with my predictions this season I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that either she, or Kurt will be the ones to go home next.

33/40 and 57/70 overall putting them in last place on the score board.

Rick & Cheryl had the misfortune of having to attempt Helio Castroneves 5th season "Mask" inspired Quickstep.  With Rick in a green suit (as opposed to Helio's banana yellow).

Although I thought it was a really great effort it did not match the same level of energy and quickness thus losing it's quality and fun (although Rick did try to make up for it by as Bruno put it making more faces then Jim Carrey :D).

In terms of the speed I guess Helio had the advantage of being the same height as Julianne something that undoubtedly made things much more difficult for Rick.

Carrie Ann and Len thought it was by far his best dance.  37/40 and 61/70 overall.

Brandy & Maks were up next with Gilles Marini season 8 Foxtrot.  Which I thought she absolutely nailed, it oozed seduction and sexiness.  Simply put, it was totally hot!.

It was so hot in fact that while Bruno and Carrie Ann got a bit hang up on a small misstep.  Len  who's usually mr. footwork did not even care!.

I'm almost certain this dance will be added to the best of/all time 10 best list.  37/40 and 64/70 overall putting them at the top of the leader board for the third week in a row.

Derek & Jennifer closed the show with Dru Lachey's season 3 Tango.

There's something about classic ballroom dances that really agrees with her, because every time she gets them, it brings out the best in her dancing abilities.

The judges who were full of nothing but high praise thought so too.  Dru liked Jennifer's beautiful lines and leg movement I must agree, I also loved all the passion and sensuality she conveyed through the movement.

I think Len said it best welcome back Jennifer!. 37/40 and 64/70 overall tying them for first place and putting them back on top once more.

I really have to applaud Jennifer I don't know the exact age of all the contestants but I believe she's the oldest one remaining.  Working her butt off despite all her limitations, it's admirable and inspiring to watch.

We are far enough into the competition that I feel like I can confidently state this now. I'm picking Jennifer & Derek and Maks & Brandy as the top two competing for the finals.

I honestly think they deserve it, because they clearly are the standouts of the season.  Jury is still out on the 3rd spot.

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