Monday, November 22, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 10 Finals part 1

Before I go on with re-capping tonight's show can I just say how much I hate that the one prediction I was actually right on all season sent one of the better couples home.

Brandy really did deserve the spot, she was the only contestant left who could have really given Jennifer a run for her money (not that Kyle won't), but with Brandy it would have been a much more closely contested affair.

Kyle & Lacey started things off tonight with what the judges called the redemption dance (a dance which they have previously done badly on).

For Kyle the judges chose the Foxtrot.  As per customary of the finals each judge popped into rehearsal to give one of the competitors some pointers.

Kyle got none other then Mr. fuddy-duddy himself Len Goodman.  Who helped Kyle with his posture and feet placement.

I must say Len's advice seemed to help him quite a bit.  He did look like a very poised confident gentlemen.

At the end of the dance Len concluded it was still not perfect, but it greatly improved since the first time he did the routine.

He thought Kyle went from messy Massey to marvelous.

Carrie Ann complemented him on the footwork, but said she likes the unrestrained Kyle better which is why she was looking forward to the free-style.  27/30 was their total.

Bristol & Mark were up next with the redemption Jive.  This time mercifully without the monkey suits.  Bruno was her mentor in rehearsal, I got a real kick out of watching Bruno cut loose :D.

The man can shake it like nobody's business! :D.  All the Bruno shenanigans seemed to help relax her a bit in the end though, and we actually saw more of her personality in this dance then we have in the entire season.

Carrie Ann thought it was more fun and vibrant.

Len found it a vast improvement from gorilla to thriller.  I don't know if I would go that far, it was nowhere near as exciting as it could have been.

A jive needs to be fast paced, with snappy kicks.  This wasn't even at half speed.  Good, but not great kind of like she has been all season.  27/30 was their score.

Jennifer & Derek  did the Paso Doble as their redemption dance.  Which was the one dance that knocked Jennifer off the leader board and which Carrie Ann found hectic.

So it made sense for her to be the one mentoring Jennifer in rehearsal.  It was the only performance which I was truly disappointed by as well.

This time everything worked great right down to the music.  It was full of emotion, power and control.  All the things that were missing the first time around.  The judges were in complete agreement.

Len thought it was fantastic, and lovely mix of expression and aggression.  He was so happy in fact that he give Jennifer a standing ovation.

Which by his standards is the biggest complement one can get.  So naturally, and unsurprisingly she ended up with the perfect score of 30/30 once again.

Next it was time for my absolute favourite the free-style round.

Kyle & Lacey did a rap free-style number to "Tootsie Roll".  This dance was so perfect for him it allowed his personality and charisma to shine.

Len admitted that although he doesn't like the boogaloo style (whatever that means:D) he found the whole thing to be great fun and entertainment.

Bruno thought Kyle was in his element.  And Carrie Ann dubbed him the "Fresh Prince" of DWTS 

He received 29/30.  An overall total of 56/60 putting him in second place again.

Bristol & Mark free-styled to Chicago's "Cell Block Tango".  Which really is one of those ideas that looks good on paper, but not practicality.

I don't know what Mark was thinking whenever you do something iconic like this it will undoubtedly always be compared to the original.

And well, in this case there really is nothing better.  As Carrie Ann herself pointed out it was a good attempt, but not quite at the level this particular song requires.

She was however proud of her for being bold enough to dance in a cage.  Len actually disagreed with Carrie Ann and thought Bristol did a really good job with it.  I found parts of it enticing, but kind of bland overall.

And zero on the excitement scale.  Which as we all know is the most important aspect of a free-style.  25/30 was the total for a grand total of 52/60 putting them at the bottom of the leader board once more.

Jennifer & Derek closed the show with their free-style set to Dirty Dancing's "Do You Love Me".

I have to say I really lowered my expectations for this one because I figured Jennifer would play it safe, so as not to re-injure herself.

Boy, was I wrong!.  She went full out with some crazy flips and tricks.  Once again Derek proved he is the king of choreography.

Also is it me?, or did the judges table get a bigger work out in this final then it has in all 11 years *lol*.  Tom Bergeron thought the same thing.

Carrie Ann was at a loss for words she just called it perfect and amazing.  Bruno thought she did the 2 dances equally well.  Len called Jennifer a consistent, persistent, irresistible force.

Yep that pretty much sums her up.  With comments like that it was no surprise she ended up with a perfect score of 60/60.

I just hope it's enough. I swear if Bristol Palin somehow manages to win this thing despite being in last place.  I am never watching this show again.

I'm not a Bristol hater, or anything I just think it would be incredibly unfair for her to win this being the most inconsistent one of the 3.

Despite having a good couple of good weeks I think the performance should be judged on an overall basis and let's face it overall her performance has been marginal. 

Tomorrow night the couples will be doing two more dances for some additional judges scores that will help determine the winner.

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