Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DWTS 11: Finals part 2

Hard to believe it's been 10 weeks already, but yes sadly we have reached the end of yet another season of Dancing with the Stars.  And what a season it was!.

The night started off with all of the S11 couples hitting the dance floor at once doing a nicely choreographed number.

The guest singer tonight was Christina Aguilera who I've never really been a fan of but I do like a couple of her songs.

Throughout the show as is tradition we took a look back at all the stars that have been eliminated up to this point, with each of them honoring the viewers with one last favourite dance.

Then it was time for the final 3 to reprise their favourite dances of the season for the final batch of the judges scores.

Kyle & Lacey chose to reprise their Tango.  Which I must say was superb.  Kyle made it look even better then the first time.  He exuded control and confidence (no doubt born of 10 weeks of training).

The audience and judges were left charmed as usual.  With 110 points Kyle really was the last men standing, and fell just short of the trophy in second place. 

Bristol & Mark chose the Rock week Tango which I thought was good, but to be honest I liked the first performance better.  The judges thought so too she came in 3rd in the end with a total of 104.

Derek & Jennifer reprised their very first dance (from week 1) the Viennese Waltz.  Which was just as graceful as the first time she performed it, like Kyle she had a new found confidence that came through.

After hearing she had been in the hospital once more to correct a slipped spinal disk.  My respect jumped up another few notches.

Her ailments are really the only reminders that she is the oldest contest left, because you certainly wouldn't know by looking at her.

Watching her struggle physically and emotionally made the victory even sweeter.

Despite all the fears and rumors with a total of 118 points Jennifer and Derek the highest scoring couple all season were the champions of DWTS :). 

Proving once again that you really can't put Baby in a corner (sorry couldn't resist).  Way to go!.  Patrick would have been proud. 

This makes Derek the only pro to win the competition 3 times!.  Thanks Jen & Derek for making this season worth tuning into.

And thanks to all of you for reading.  I'll be back next year (probably) with a whole new group of stars to praise and criticize.

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