Tuesday, November 09, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 8 Instant Dance

Once again my elimination prediction was way off, I did not see Rick & Cheryl going home.

I'm starting to think that this year is once again more about who has the biggest fan-base as opposed to who's the better dancer.

This week also introduced another  brand new dance challenge called Instant Dance.  Which basically meant the celebs and instructors were given a second dance style but no music.

The music was given to each of them shortly before the dance.  Some had 45 minutes (to practice), some 20 and some even less.

Which made it challenging not only for the celebrities who had to find the beat as soon as they hit the dance floor, but also for the instructors who usually have a couple of days to choreograph a routine to a given song. 

I must admit when I first heard they were doing this I thought the night would turn into a total and complete disaster.  But for once I am so happy to say I was wrong.

In fact this was by far my favourite night of the competition this season.  But let's get to the dancers themselves.

Tonight I'm going to do something a bit different instead of talking about each pair in the order they danced.  I'll talk about both their dances (saves me from having to write their names twice in one post).

Kyle & Lacey were up first with a Viennese Waltz.  Looks like all of Lacey's yelling during training is paying off.  Kyle came out looking like a real gentleman leading his lady around the dance floor.

Just like Bruno and Carrie Ann I found myself charmed by the whole thing.  It was just lovely.  Even Len was impressed with Kyle's ability to take their criticism and improve upon it.  27/30.

He followed that up with a Jive so exuberant it got the audience up on their feet for a standing ovation. Dancing to  Little Richard's "Good Golly Miss Molly" fit him like a glove.

Forget what I said about last week being his best effort, tonight was by far his best dance of the competition!.  Dude was on fire!.

The judges thought so too he got 29/30 for a total of 56/60 putting him in 2nd place on the leader board.

Jennifer & Derek were out second with the Quickstep.  I'm really impressed with Jennifer's desire and commitment.

I mean she's soldiering on despite having tendonitis in her knee ( I just hope she doesn't regret it, and that her knee holds up).

The judges all seemed to appreciate her effort as well, and encouraged her to stop worrying and keep going because she is good. 27/30.

Their other dance was a sexy and sensual Rumba which included some amazing leg stretches by Jennifer.

Carrie Ann said it best there's nothing more beautiful then watching someone reclaim their power.  The dance earned them a perfect 30 (and their first 10's of the season).

For a total of 57/30 putting them on top of the leader board once more.

Kurt & Anna did the Waltz and although Carrie Ann thought he's not on the same level as everyone else she appreciated the effort.  24/30.

Earlier in the night Bruno mentioned that the Instant Dance seemed to bring out the best in everyone.  This was exactly the case in Kurt's Cha-Cha.

He danced with total abandon, and actually looked like he had finally found some musicality in his movement.  He also looked the most relaxed that I've ever seen him throughout the show.

As Bruno said he let loose, had fun and as a result the performance was good.  48/60 was their overall total.

Bristol & Mark  did an Argentine Tango.  The first dance of hers I truly enjoyed, I actually saw some emotion and intensity as opposed her usual blank slate.

Len didn't agree he thought it lacked intensity, but was technically sound. Bruno still thought she went in and out of the dance at times.

Carrie Ann found the leg flicks to be week and suggested she work on them.  24/30.

They also danced the Samba which failed to impress Carrie Ann who thought it had plenty of personality and not enough musicality.

I have to agree, while on the surface the dance looked really good, a Samba should really pop with energy and hip movement in particular (as Len himself pointed out).

There was plenty of shaking but that only went so for on the entertainment, or technical scale.

Plus a Samba is supposed to be smoldering and I just didn't feel that and neither did the judges who give her 23 for a grand total of   47/60.  Putting them on the bottom once again.

Maks & Brandy  dressed in white told a beautiful story through an elegantly soft Waltz.  Earning herself 29/30.

The Cha-Cha was next.  Len thought it had flare, rhythm and performance, while Carrie Ann found issue with the fact they took 3 beats too long to start the dance.

I really like Brandy and I'm rooting for her but I gotta agree with Carrie Ann on this.  As a viewer I found the cutesy we have chemistry let's milk it for all it's worth part annoying.

Seemed like Maks got a bit too confident.      

28 was their score for a total of 57/60 another tie with Jennifer for first place.  And the top spot for the 4th week in a row.

Once again it's becoming pretty clear who the real contenders of the competition are. 

If Jennifer and Brandy along with Kyle don't make it to the semi-finals next week, I will be shocked and outraged.

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