Monday, November 15, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 9 Semi Finals

And then there were 4.  Time really does fly by we're almost at the end of the competition.

Only 2 more weeks left.  Tonight the couples did 2 dances each one Ballroom and one Latin. 

Brandy & Maks danced the Paso Doble.  The judges really enjoyed it, and all agreed that despite a couple of missteps the performance was very strong.

I thought it was good, but it just didn't have the wow factor of last week's.  27/30.  Their 2nd dance was the Argentine Tango.

All the judges praised the performance so it was not a surprise that the score was a perfect 30/30.  For an overall total of 57/60.

Again I thought it was well done, but the best Argentine Tango of the season still belongs to Jennifer and Derek.

Over the years I've noticed an interesting pattern that seems to occur almost every time we reach the semi finals.

That being the fact that the judges seem to lower the scores of the 2nd highest scoring couple.  Until last week Brandy was neck and neck with Jennifer (she was on the top of the judges leader board for 4 weeks in a row).

And now that we're nearing the end of the competition, the judges all of a sudden picked a new favourite.  That's not to say that Kyle doesn't deserve it, he absolutely does.

But still, it just seems like they intentionally want to shake their confidence just when they need it the most.

Jennifer & Derek danced a sultry Cha-Cha that was done to perfection 30/30.  Bruno called it luminous and vibrant, I couldn't agree more.

It's like now that we're nearing the end Jennifer found renewed energy and joy.  It was almost infectious at times.

Watching her dance just makes me so glad she decided to do this in the first place.  The competition just would not be the same.

Her second dance was a simplistically elegant Waltz that brought Carrie Ann to tears.  It was technically and stylistically beautiful, and at times looked as if she floated on the dance floor.

Another perfect score, for an overall total of 60/60.  Can't ask for better then that (if she does not make it to the finals I'm never watching this show again).

Kyle & Lacey danced a Samba that Bruno dubbed as the 'bouncing bundle of joy' :D.  That really is the best way to describe it and him :D.  Len on the other hand complimented Kyle on his bionic bum :D.

And I'm with Lacey please keep Kyle around I wanna see him do the free style!.  He received his first 10's of the season as well as his highest score 29/30.

Next it was Kyle's turn for an Argentine Tango after which Bruno dubbed him as season 11's Mr. Charisma (well duh *lol*).

In all 11 season's I don't think there has ever been a contestant more charismatic and charming then Kyle. I love his continued unbridled joy, and would love to see more of it in the finale so vote!.

Overall total 58/60 putting him in second place on the judges score board.

Bristol & Mark did a Paso Doble that earned her a hug from Carrie Ann for finally coming into her own, or coming out of her shell as she put it.

Bruno thought she was a lamb that turned into a tigress.  Both Bruno and Len thought she had beautiful lines.  Len called it her best dance.  27/30 her highest score of the competition.

Her second dance was the Waltz.  Carrie Ann thought she once again drifted in and out of the dance (character-wise).

Len liked the vulnerabilty and both he and Bruno found it beautifully haunting. 

Bruno also complemented her on her great journey.  26/30 

With 53/60 overall she once again finds herself at the bottom of the score board.

While I completely agree with all of them that she has made leaps and bounds in terms of progress since first coming on the show, I'm just not sure that all that is deserving of a spot in the final.

Because when you get right down to it she really isn't the best dancer especially when compared to the other 3.

Also while she's made giant improvements over the past 9 weeks, she has been the least consistent.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I do actually like her as a person, and appericiate all her effort, I think she should be the one to go home.  But something tells me that won't happen.

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