Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why watch "The Whole Truth"

Why should you be watching 'The Whole Truth'? Two words: Maura Tierney.

Yes, the former 'NewsRadio' and 'ER' star Maura Tierney should be enough to get you, loyal reader, to give up an hour of your Wednesday evening to watch 'The Whole Truth' (Wed., 10PM ET on ABC). She's not enough? Fine. What about Tierney's chemistry with
Rob Morrow?

Honestly, you could probably put a jar of pickles in front of her and Tierney could make it charming, but when you put her with somebody as charismatic as Morrow, it's TV heaven.

Sure, there are problems with the ABC legal drama. Example: the same defense attorney and prosecutor face off every week. But wait, you probably watch a show where kids break out into song every 10 minutes. This is television -- suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride.

Right now, 'The Whole Truth' is teetering on the edge of cancellation. ABC is airing a special on the rescued Chilean miners in place of a new episode tonight. It's pulling in around 4.5 million viewers, losing nearly 3 million from its lead-in 'Cougar Town.' For ABC, those are bad numbers. But given time, the series could evolve -- maybe ditch the kitschy little flashbacks to scenes that happened 15 minutes before. However, before it can evolve, it needs viewers. 

If you don't start watching 'The Whole Truth,' we might be lose potentially great characters Kathryn Peale and Jimmy Brogan. You know how 'Law & Order: SVU' has maintained its procedural element, yet we've seen layers develop in Detectives Benson and Stabler? 'The Whole Truth' could do that and more. The characters have a history, let the viewers learn about it. Plus, the supporting players are begging for some background. You know there's more to Sean Wing's incredibly earnest Chad.

The problem with new shows, as we've talked about here on TV Squad, is that sometimes it's cheaper to cancel them rather than let the show build an audience. 'Seinfeld' wasn't a hit from the start. It took seasons -- yes, more than one -- to get to its cult status.

The ratings for the Oct. 6 episode showed a tiny bit of life, they went up a bit, but not enough. Give the show time to evolve, there is a spark in these characters. Plus, given the format, there are tons of opportunities for guest stars. Great guest stars. Judd Hirsch's appearance was quality TV. Tierney's 'ER' pal Parminder Nagra is filming an episode now.

If you love smart character moments, great chemistry between actors and the law in general, then start watching 'The Whole Truth.' Start now.

The article pretty much hits all the important points, the most important one being that it is an excellent show that just needs time to develop. 

So please watch!.

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