Monday, October 25, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 6 Rock Week Paso Doble & Tango

These two styles of dance have always been, and still remain my absolute fave.

Audrina & Tony were up first tonight with the Paso Doble.  Both Bruno and Len thought it lacked character.

I have to side with them both on that, without character the dance just lacked the proper intensity and passion. But I do agree with Carrie Ann on Audrina's beautiful lines. 24/30 was their result.

Kyle & Lacey danced the Tango which the judges all agreed was a huge improvement over last week.  I'm still enjoying watching this guy so much.  They have such a fun chemistry on the dance floor.  23/30 was their total.

Jennifer & Derek danced the Paso Doble to Pink's "So What" (another weird song choice by the producers)

I guess with something like rock week you have no choice but to make the best of it.  And that they did.  Carrie Ann found the whole thing too hectic.

Len and Bruno thought she over did it with the emotion and thus lost the control and quality of the dance.

Unfortunately I can't say I disagree with that assessment.

I've been waiting weeks for Jennifer to do this dance thinking she would do as awesome as she did with her Argentine Tango in week 4,  but like the judges I was sorely disappointed.

I think Len was right when he said it just didn't have the right balance of intense emotion and movement.  Thus as a result the whole thing came off a bit disjointed. 

I think the choreography might have had something to do with it as well, it was kind of weak.  Not Derek's usual.  Wonder what happened there.

20/30 was their score the lowest in 5 weeks.  Good thing they got some additional points in the dance marathon.  But still people will need to get voting.

Rick & Cheryl did the Tango.  Carrie Ann thought it was amazing while Len liked the hold and posture.  As well as the back and forth push/poll emotion of the dance.  I thought it was well done, but nothing spectacular. 24/30

Bristol & Mark did the Tango as well.  She didn't mess up her steps, and showed some personality.  In short?.  Bristol finally looked like a dancer!.

I don't think she's a real contender for the trophy, but I congratulate her on some major improvement.  Well done!.  Her best performance by a mile, followed by her best score all season 23/30.

Kurt & Anna danced a Paso Doble set to "The Final Countdown".  Carrie Ann said it was unpolished, and just didn't come together.

Len just found it awkward and Bruno thought all his lines were wrong.  As a home viewer and non-professional I found nothing wrong with it.

In fact to my untrained eyed it looked pretty darn good.  The studio audience seemed to be on the same track judging by all their booing at the low score of 18/30 (which unfortunately put them at the bottom of the judges leader board right below Jennifer and Derek).  It may end up sending him home.

Brandy and Maks capped the night off with a Tango that satisfied all the judges.

They all agreed it was full of passion and aggression giving them the highest score of the night 26/30 putting them in first place on the leader board for the 2nd week in a row.

While I agree that the dance was full of all the right emotions, I didn't think it was all that impressive.  It might be because I think I will always compare any Paso Doble to the one Mel B and Max did in S5.

Which was pure perfection.  And it didn't help that they showed that particular dance in their 10 best of all time list (voted by the viewers) right before the show started.

Next it was time for a marathon dance off with all couples hitting the floor at the same time.

Each had to dance as long as possible (a total of 4 minutes) until the judges kicked them off with an additional score (which was added to their overall total for the night).  The score went from 4-10 with 10 being the highest.

Here's how all the couples stacked up:

Kurt & Anna were the first to be kicked off with 4 points

Bristol & Mark received 5 points

Rick & Cheryl 6 additional points

Kyle & Lacey got 7 points

Audrina & Tony 8 points

Jennifer & Derek came up one short with 9

Maks & Brandy won the 10

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