Monday, October 18, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 5 T.V. Themes

Before I go on to the individual couples I have to say, I admire both the professionals and the stars for actually making a very weird theme work well with ballroom dancing.

Granted some worked better then others, but that's mainly due to the theme they were given.  Some simply had to work with what they got.

Maks & Brandy Quickstepped to the Friends theme.  All the judges were impressed and happy.  Len thought it was the best dance Brandy has done in all 4 weeks.  I have to agree.

As Carrie Ann mentioned tonight they finally stepped it up and reached another level not only with their dancing, but in their working relationship as well.

I have said from the beginning that with a little more training Brandy could be a contender, well it finally happened tonight.  They got the highest score of the night 27/30.  Knocking Jennifer and Derek off the leader board.

Corky & Florence danced the Tango to the predictable theme from The Brady Bunch.

Bruno didn't like the goofy dance moves in the middle of the routine.  I agree with Len who said parts of it were a bit frantic, but it was by far her best dance.

I also gotta side with Florance on her "you try dancing the Tango to the Brady Bunch" remark because that's exactly what was going through my head as I was watching it.

It's not like there weren't many other themes that would have been more suitable to the dance style.

So I blame the producers for choosing to go the predictable route thus effecting her overall score of 21/30 though it was a personal best as well. 

Anna & Kurt Quickstepped to the Bewitched theme.  All the judges saw vast improvement over last week.

And I gotta say I really enjoyed it myself, hats off to both for keeping the musicality and rhythm throughout.  A fun little number that earned Kurt his best score of 24/30.

Tony & Audrina did the Rumba to The Hills theme.  Another predictable choice *yawn*.

While Len found it excellent Bruno seemed disappointed at the lack of smoldering heat often associated with the dance.  He thought she should be less plastic more fantastic.

Gotta agree again compared to her other dances this was kind of blah.  I don't know whether it was because of the choreography or the song, but it didn't work as well as it could have.

Especially since we've already seen that Audrina is capable of better.  23/30 was their total.

Lacey & Kyle did the Foxtrot to Charlie's Angels with Kyle of course playing the role of Bosley :D.  Once again I love this guy's ability to transform into different characters and mixing it with the dance style.

Integrating the 70's disco moves worked particularly well ( ok not according to Len but he's not the one doing the voting).  Props to Lacey on that one

Bruno thought there wasn't enough Foxtrot, while Carrie Ann loved the way Kyle lead Lacey in the dance.  Len as I mentioned above was not thrilled one little bit.

He found it a crazy mess that got worse and worse.  I'm starting to wonder whether he was even watching the same dance.  They got 20/30 which isn't great so I hope people vote for him tomorrow.

Cheryl & Rick did the Rumba to one of my all time fave t.v. themes Hill Street Blues complete with a cop uniform (hello Mr. sexy! :D).

Carrie Ann thought it got hotter and hotter.  I agree!.  Bruno said he went from Megatron to mega smooth.  Now I understand the lack of smolder Bruno was talking about with Audrina and Tony.  Nicely done!.  24/30

Mark & Bristol  danced the Monkey's theme Jive.  Bruno saw big improvement in the performance, but thought she lost the technique.  Carrie Ann thought she took a big step forward.  Len just loved the monkey suits :D.

I have to agree with him on one thing perhaps it would have been better if they kept the monkey suits on for the whole routine.  Because Bristol seemed a lot more lively hiding behind it.

With that said I thought the dance was actually one of the better ones she's done in the whole competition just in terms of character performance.

The scores didn't reflect that however.  They ended up on the bottom of the leader board once more with 18/30.  Unless people really do wanna see more of her she's heading home tomorrow night I think.

Derek & Jennifer for the first time in the competition were really feeling the pressure and burden of being at the top for several weeks in a row.  Which I knew was only a matter of time.

They danced a Foxtrot to the theme from Married with Children which seemed oddly appropriate after watching the tense rehearsal footage.

The judges reactions were mixed.  While Bruno found it beautiful, Len found it too theatrical and wanted more dancing.  Carrie Ann thought it was good, but that they were out of sync at times.

I'm with Carrie Ann while this dance was indeed well done it just didn't have the same wow factor as last week.

Perhaps the result of Jennifer taking a bit of a breather after so many high energy routines.

They ended up in second place tonight with 25/30. 

I have no doubt they will be back on top next week with the Rock and Roll theme.

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