Monday, October 11, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 4 Rumba & Argentine Tango

Tonight was acoustic night on a brand new raised round stage (instead of the usual rectangular one we've been so used to over the past 10 years).

Thus making everything more intimate, and at the same time more challenging for all involved.

Kurt & Anna started the night off with a Rumba.

Bruno thought there wasn't enough fluid arm movement, Len liked the hip action, both he and Carrie Ann thought he sold the romance well, but his musicality was better last week.  I agree.

I thought it was good, but I have seen better Rumba's in past season's.

I think Bruno had a point maybe a little bit more raunch would have been more effective then the intimate dance as Carrie Ann put it.

The scoring for tonight was split into performance and technique with a total out of 60.  Kurt received 15 for technique and 19 for performance for a total of 34/60.

Brandy & Maks danced a theatrically romantic Rumba (I loved the flowy fabric Brandy was wearing).  Bruno found it sensual, while Carrie Ann thought Brandy was back.

All of them agreed that she needs to work on more confident leg placement.  I thought the dance was alright, but it lacked the emotions of last week.  48/60 (22 for technique/26 for performance).

Rick & Cheryl did the Argentine Tango (which has always been a favourite of mine along with the Paso Doble).  Carrie Ann didn't feel the passion and found it very one dimensional.

Len enjoyed the exceptionally well done lifts, but thought the footwork could have been sharper.

Both Bruno and Len liked the intensity, but agreed it didn't carry out through the whole routine.

I gotta agree with Carrie Ann although the dance itself was decent, there was something missing (he could have done a better job at selling the passion or even raunchiness).  39/60  (19 technique/20 for performance).

Kyle & Lacey danced a Rumba that didn't impress the judges on a technical level.  Carrie Ann complemented his better footwork, but found the routine unbalanced.

Len thought the movements were too sharp and thus lost fluidity.

Though I agree that at times the movements looked very jarring I didn't really care even with all his imperfections I just enjoy watching both of them.  Kyle is a born performer. 

Aside from Jennifer and Derek they're still the most fun couple on the floor no matter what style they're doing.
 40/60 (18 for technique/22 for performance).   

Mike "The Situation" & Karina the only thing he succeeded with in his Argentine Tango was the sexyness factor (or more precisely his six pack which I'm sure the ladies can't get enough of).

I would enjoy that too if it wasn't for his smugness and jock-like attitude.

Attempting to cover his lack of dancing skills by having Karina do all the work didn't score him any extra points with the judges however.  I think Len said it best at least it was consistent in it's horribleness.

With a total score of 28/60 (12 for technical/16 for performance).  I'll be surprised if  'the situation' survives another week.

Personally I would like him and his abs to exit the ballroom already!.

Florance & Corky Carrie Ann said it best 'what just happened, you're Mrs. Brady!'. Yes I don't think the world was ready for a raunchy version of Mrs. Brady.

At times it was like watching your parents attempt a dirty dance.  Uncomfortable *lol*.  Due to her many varied facial expressions it was very hard to get into, or even gauge the emotion of the dance.

But I give her kudos for improving her footwork from last week.  35/60 (17 for technical/18 performance).

Derek & Jennifer reminded me again why I love this dance so much.  It's not so much about the raunchiness, but all about the perfect balance of intensity and passion.

I think that's what was missing from Rick & Cheryl's  (and everyone else's Argentine Tango all night).

Flawless, amazing, left the judges and audience mesmerized giving them a total of 56/60 (27 for technique/29 for performance).

Garnering the first 10's of the season from Bruno and Carrie Ann. Thus putting them back on top. I said it before and I'll continue to do so, the woman can dance!.

Mark & Bristol the judges weren't riveted by her Rumba.  Bruno thought she still can't sustain the steps all the way through the routine.

Carrie Ann like Bruno still sees a lot of potential and expected better at this point (in week 4).

I tend to agree with both she has moments of brilliance with her movement, she just can't seem to be able to put it and keep it all together.

Which I'm sad to say will most likely send her home sooner rather then later. 32/60  (18 technique/14 for performance).

Personally I didn't find the whole thing as bad as the judges, but I could have just been distracted by the smokiness that is shirtless Mark Ballas :D.

Nice tats and muscle definition Mark.  Thank You!.

Len on the other hand was not as appreciative (must be that peck envy again).  He wants to see more teamwork less "me" more " "we".

And no more shirtless routine since as he put it 'you don't see me taking my shirt off'.  Yeah that's because nobody wants to see that!.  I'll take shirtless Mark any day of the week.   

Tony & Audrina closed the night with another Argentine Tango which while well done on the technical level lacked the same performance quality set by Jen & Derek.

I think maybe Audrina felt a bit intimidated after watching Jennifer dance the same style to near perfection and probably psyched herself out as result.

At this point I think it's pretty safe to say that both Jennifer and Audrina are the ones to beat.  46/60 ( 24 technique/22 for performance).  Putting them in second place on the judges leader board.


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