Monday, October 04, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 3 Story Night

Jennifer & Derek were up first tonight with a Samba to a student teacher theme.

Which I thought worked quite well :).  The judges noticed the first imperfection in her technique however.

Carrie Ann thought they were out of sync in the middle of the dance.

Len said there was a small twiddly bit in the routine, whatever that means :D.    Despite all that they still got a 24/30 for the 3rd week in a row.

Florance & Corky danced a sweet Waltz to a song from the "Sound of Music".  The judges enjoyed the love story.

Although Bruno thought the dance lacked continuous progression.  And Len thought the feet technique was non-existent.

I have no clue what he's talking about I thought the foot work was definitely there. 

I do agree with Bruno that the Waltz itself could have been a bit more fluid.  They got 20/30 for their effort.

Kurt & Anna danced the Foxtrot to Daniel Powters "Bad Day".

Which really isn't a very Foxtrot friendly song, I don't know what the heck the producers were thinking with that strange choice.

Carrie Ann was charmed, while Bruno thought the dance has to be cleaner and reprimanded Kurt for nearly dropping Anna, which I have to admit I did not notice. 

A lackluster performance to a lackluster song 23/30.

Margaret & Louis danced a pride infused Samba to "Copacabana" complete with feather headdress.

The judges thought she started out well, but somewhere along the line completely lost her timing and footwork.

Which was very apparent.  I would still like her to stick around, but with a score of 18/30 she could end up going home.

Audrina & Tony danced a beautiful Waltz full of grace and emotion by far the best one of the night. 

All judges found it compelling and touching giving them the highest score of the night 26/30.

Although I'm sad Jennifer and Derek got knocked off the leader board.  The score was well deserved, definitely her best dance thus far.

Bristol & Mark Foxtrot showed definite improvement, but as the judges said failed to sell the story putting them at the bottom of the score board with 19/30.

Brandy & Maks Samba set to a singer/bodyguard story failed to wow the judges.  Len and Carrie Ann criticized his harsh teaching techniques shown in rehearsal.

Bruno thought he finally saw the comeback of the diva.  I thought it was better then last week, if she continues to progress she might just become a contender yet.   

Kyle & Lacey showcased a teenage romance with their Waltz. 

I thought he did an excellent job playing a gentleman. Bruno thought his arms look better, but footwork still needs work.

Len sounding like a broken record thought foot work was non-existent.  I enjoy watching these two so much and really hope they stay around.  23/30

Mike & Karina danced a futuristic Foxtrot to Blackeyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow".  Carrie Ann thought he took baby steps to becoming a dancer. Len found it bizarre, Bruno found it weirdly entertaining.

Personally it didn't really do anything for me, while I can see he's at least putting in some effort I still don't care much for him and would rather see him kicked off.  20/30

Rick & Cheryl shook their booties to the Samba.  Carrie Ann was rendered speechless while Bruno wanted to see more of the same.

Definitely the sexiest Samba of the night, for such a tall guy he can really shake it.  I'm with Bruno I wanna see more!.

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