Saturday, August 08, 2009

Houses made of strange materials

I saw a show on TV the other day, about this little town in Arizona, where everyone builds these houses out of tires, and they are almost entirely self sufficient.

This got me wondering about what other types of housing material has been used. I found some pretty neat stuff.

A house made of trash. I guess no one will really notice that your house is messy, since it's made of garbage.

Another view of the same home.

A house made out of tires, like the one in the TV show.

A house made of newspapers. Pretty neat, until you need to use the stove, or turn on an electrical device...

A house made of doors. Perfect way to keep out intruders, cause they can't find the right door.

A house made of plastic bottles. An ideal building material, assuming there is no wind where he lives.

A house made of two old boats. When the rain starts falling, he'll have the last laugh.

A house decorated with beer bottles. Class act.

An airplane house. Check out the inside. Awesome.

A mud and straw house. Pretty typical in some regions of the world, though this one seems to be more of a designer house, than one built out of necessity.

A house made of glass bottles. I hear that the air trapped in the bottles makes a great insulator.

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Source: via Neatorama

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