Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Martina Hingis wedding details

A few more things translated from a previously linked article:

With immediate family by her side Martina Hingis, 30, married her boyfriend Thibault Hutin, 24 on Friday.  

While other media, covered nothing from the big day of the ex-tennis pro SI-entertainment chief Bettina Portmann was up close and shares her impressions exclusively with the SI-online users.

The bride and groom  

 Martina and Thibault were still quite relaxed on Thursday. On Friday, at the registry office, we noticed the two were nervous.  And Martina was visibly moved. The two are really in love!.

The Proposal

Thibault proposed on the 30th of September, her birthday.



Martina's mother, Melanie Molitor, along with her partner Mario Widmer.

The ring

Martina Hingis's ring was custom made.  After Thibault put the ring on her finger, she said,"I will never take it off!".

The Celebration

Francoise Hutin (Thibault's mother) leased the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel (Georges V)  to the newly wed couple for the wedding night.   

After the registry there was a cocktail party with champagne.


Translated with Google edited for grammar by me

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