Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kim Clijsters beats Justine Henin in her return match

At the GDF SUEZ Diamond Games in Antwerp, Kim Clijsters beat Justine Henin after an exciting three sets.

At first the match between Kim and Henin did not promise such a thrilling ending. In the first set Kim outplayed Justine completely. It was Justine's first match after months of recovering from an injury. Kim only needed 25 minutes to get hold of the first set, 6-1.

In the second set as well Kim immediately took a break, but then had to slow things down somewhat. Henin started playing better and rebroke. At 3-4, she broke through Kim's service again: with her world famous backhand she opened the field and then she finished it off with a forehand. After exactly one hour Justine equalled in sets, 1-1. Henin won the second set with 3-6.

The third set was a short but powerful tiebreak set, aiming at ten points won. Kim treated the fans with a 'tweener', but the ball from between her legs was out, only just. Still, the fans didn't have to feel sad, as Kim had four match points at 9-5. And Kim finished it off at the first opportunity: 6-1, 3-6 and 10-5 after 1 hour and 11 minutes.

"Justine is a class act," Kim praised her opponent afterwards. "I enjoy watching her play, but not when she is in front of me," she joked. "This match was very intense", Justine said. "I could feel the adrenaline flow through my entire body. Things did not go as I wanted, but it was a delight to be playing here. An awesome audience!"


Not bad after 6 months of being away. 
Every time they play they seem to bring out the best tennis in each other.

I'm looking forward to more clashes between them next year.

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