Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Martina Hingis to live in Switzerland with hubby

The "Swiss magazine" spoke with newly wed Martina Hingis exclusively about her love for husband Thibault Hutin - and revealed when the first baby is planned.

Since Friday Martina Hingis, 30, has a wedding ring on her left hand- surprisingly she married her boyfriend    Thibault Hutin, 24 in Paris.  They have been together for 8 months. 

Her husband is attractive, articulate, hungry for life, Hingis said in an interview with the "Schweizer Illustrierte" - "I trust him and will not be without him."  

And Hutin is over the moon with his wife: "With her it's unique in my life." She would be the woman with whom he has children. "A bit of Martina, a bit Thibault - this is a nice mix."

Hingis and Hutin, who call each other "Cheri" or "Mon amour" , are already on their way to the honeymoon.  

In January, the couple will be looking for a house: in Switzerland. For the Paris born Thibault it is not a problem. "Thibault is willing to learn something different," says Martina.  

He was the strong man who needed  a strong woman by his side. And although her husband is six years younger than her, Hingis quickly realized "that it can work with Thibault and me ".  

The two have the same idea of a relationship - and they also agree on family planning: "I would like to wait a year or two," says Ms. Hingis, who has retained her last name after marriage.


Translated with Google (once again edited for grammar).

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