Monday, March 15, 2010

Sampras vs. Agassi when egos collide


Seriously I love ya Pete, but get a sense of humor!.

I honestly don't think Agassi was being that offensive (he wasn't even trying to be). He's the bigger man anyway because he has since then apologized.

"It was out of line. It was inappropriate. The night was on fire. We were all having fun. I was trying to be comedic. I only had a split second to make a decision. I went for it and it fell flat. I was trying to get past it, but Pete didn't really let me get past it. He didn't really roll with it. I've texted Pete to ask him if I can apologize in person.

"The joke fell flat and I'm sorry. My hope was that the night was still enjoyable. My whole book is about living and learning, and I guess you never stop."


Let's hope Sampras follows suit. This whole thing certainly makes you appreciate the Federer/Nadal rivalry all the more doesn't it?.

No matter how badly one loses to the other they always treat one another with great respect (the '09 Australian Open being a perfect example).

And that was a championship! (this was just an exhibition event).

I guess sometimes age really is just a number, perhaps Sampras and Agassi should look to Federer/Nadal for some lesson's on class.

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