Monday, May 11, 2009

DWTS: Week 10 Semi Finals

The 4 couples left standing tonight, once again danced to Ballroom and Latin styles.

Instead of going in order of the dance as I have done all through this season. I'm going to re-cap in order of couples instead.

Melissa & Tony were the first tonight with their Quick Step.

And it was as pretty as Melissa's dress. But in the end I was forced to agree with Carrie-Ann again.

It seemed to lack a lot of the excitement and energy that makes it so much fun to watch.

The chosen song could have been a contributing factor as well.

Despite the luckluster comments from the judges they still received a great score of 28/30 (with the help of a 10 from Len) . Finally!.

And though Melissa's second Cha-Cha dance was much better, it still wasn't as great as what I'm used to seeing from her.

And the scores reflected that she only got a 27/30. Giving her an overall total of 55/60

I think Bruno was right when he said that she sort went in and out of the dance at times not fully committing to it. But with all that said I still think she deserves a spot in the final.

Gilles & Cheryl The French man finally showed off his romanic side with a beautiful Waltz.

And although I still prefer when he shakes his booty to the latin style, after this perfect performance there's no doubt in my mind that he's headed to next week's finals.

My wish came true when Gilles did a sexy Salsa for his second dance. Proving once again that he's the king of latin.

In fact whenever that man moves I forget he's French! *lol*. My t.v. signal went out just as they were about to announce Gilles scores. But I'm going to assume they were as good as the ones for his first dance.

Mark & Shawn fired up the floor with a superb Argentine Tango. I honestly don't know why Shawn worries so much. She's damn good!.

Bruno was also totally right the dance was very Chicago-like. With a perfect score she has definitely become the front runner for the trophy along with Gilles.

Her Jive wasn't as impressive according to the judges. Personally I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a lot of fun.

The scores reflected the judges opinions giving her 26/30. Making it an overall total of 56/60. Putting them in second place on the scoreboard.

Chelsie & Ty continued to try his best despite being out classed by the other 3 competitors. I don't think the Viennese Waltz tonight did him any favors though.

Not his best at all. And to add insult to injury Bruno and Len got into a tizzy over his performance. Poor guy.

The Samba didn't improve his chances either, but I still enjoyed it. I guess that southern charm really works.

With a total score of 48/60. I would say that he should pack his bags, but after last week's shocking elimination of Kim and Derek I don't know what to expect.

America clearly likes an underdog, and Ty is as underdog as you can get. But since we're now down to the best I hope the viewers do the right thing and send him home.


ZenDenizen said...

I truly think America will make Melissa the winner but Gilles is clearly my favorite! Hot song for his perfect 30 salsa, too.

Lurker said...

Yeah, a friend of mine who regularly watches DWTS with me also thinks that Melissa could win the whole thing. It wouldn't surprise me.