Wednesday, September 16, 2015

U.S. Open 2015 men's final thoughts

As a  long time Federer supporter you'd think I'd be pretty used to disappointment in majors in recent years.  And yet every time it happens it doesn't make the pain any less horrible.

Maybe what makes it worse is that with Novak more than Nadal Roger actually has chances, many chances in the matches. 

I mean the rivalry itself is dead even 21-21.  Unlike Nadal where it's more one sided.

He Just can't capitalize on the chances he creates when it matters at the majors in particular for some reason. 23 for 4 on break point conversion was his stat tonight.  That's what killed him.

That's the part that hurts.  

Not that he couldn't beat Djoker yet again.  Because we all know he can (he proved that in Cincinnati), he just can't seem to grab  the chances when he has them and that is beyond frustrating. 

And yes many have said that it was in large part due to Djokovic's mental resilience during the all important break points, which of course there's no denying. 

But it was also Roger's  numerous unforced errors whether due to nerves, or often going for too much because of Djokovic's amazing defence skills.

I think at times Roger was too cautious as well, he only took more risks in the last 3 games of the 4th and final set and almost got back on serve to 5 all. 

I wish he would have used The SABR (Sneak Attack By Roger) more. It worked so well in Cincinnati and it was working in this match as well.  Just wish he had implemented more throughout.

It's so heartbreakingly sad.  Because you just can't help but wonder how many of these chances Roger has left in him (to at least grab that illusive 18th).

You also have to wonder whether the result would have been different had there not been a 3 hour rain delay, and the match played in the day as originally planned.

Some commentators have said the quicker conditions & warmer weather would have been more beneficial, and might have tipped things in Roger's favor.  

I guess we'll never know (personally I think it was the loss of the first set that sealed it).

I'm just so tired of seeing Roger with the runner up trophies at Grand Slams, I'm tired of turning off the t.v. so I don't have to hear his sad runner up speech.  

That's probably one of the hardest parts as a fan.

With all that being said I will forever be a Federer fan & will continue to cheer & cry for him & with him until the day he retires.  Even if it kills me little by little in the process.

Thanks for another memorable one Roger, still & always a privilege to watch you play.

Just wish the results were in your favor.  Valiant effort nonetheless.

Here's hoping you get more chances in 2016.

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