Monday, September 27, 2010

DWTS 11: Week 2 Quickstep & Jive

Since I already included all the full names last week.  I'm not going to bother with the last names of all the celebs from now on.

Rick & Cheryl were up first with a Jive.  Although he did an awesome job with what is considered one of the hardest ballroom dances, I still think he did better last week.

Also I found it a bit weird to be starting with Jive and Quickstep so early in the competition.

Usually those are saved towards the very end given their level of difficulty.  Based on that I have to commend Rick on making the dance look good.

For a guy his size I expected the whole thing to be awkward, so kudos.  Oh, and nice to see Eliza Dushku finally in the audience supporting her man :).

21/30 was their score a magic number that repeated throughout the night.

Florance & Corky did a Jive that proved once and for all that Mrs. Brady can move!.  I think in her case age really is just a number.

She's succeeding in areas where past contestants her age have miserably failed.  I gotta applaud her for that. She received 19/30 for her efforts.

Brandy & Maks let the head-butting begin!.  We all knew that was coming, and I'm sure there will be plenty more possible melt downs in store as I predicted.

As for her Jive I have to side with the judges on this one it was alright, but needed to be more precise and sharp to make it anywhere near perfect.  It looked a bit awkward at times.

With that said again this is another case of this dance style showing up too early in the competition.  I get the feeling she would do a much better job with a few more weeks of training.

The outfit was a little weird as well, the knee-high socks were particularly unflattering.  21/30 was their total.

Michael & Chelsie     Jived to Elvis's "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog" which included Micheal coming out of a doghouse to get his bone (which I personally could have really done without).

While it was designed to help loosen him up.  It didn't really do him any favors.  In the end he still looked like a stiff marionette, with no enthusiasm, and zero charisma.

With 12/30 he's sure to be headed out of the ballroom, unless the audience decides to take pity on him.  I for one won't be sad to see him go.

Audrina & Tony danced the second best Jive of the night.  She continues to improve with each performance.

If she stays consistent she'll be a definite contender that could make it deep into the competition.  23/30 was their result (2nd highest of the night).

Jennifer & Derek words cannot express how much I love these two.  I said it before, and I'll say it again the woman hasn't lost a step.

She danced a Jive that was so energetic it was almost electrifying.  For week two that is simply amazing.

The two of them are so in-tune with one another, it makes it so much fun to watch.  And I have to give Jennifer some major credit she's handling Derek's difficult choreography exceptionally well.

The judges were equally impressed once again giving them the highest score of the night 24/30 (which coincidently was their score last week). 

On a side note I had no idea she had cancer, my respect for her continues to grow. Also I'm curious about the booing that went on during their interview portion.

Could it be the fact that the mike was handed over to Sarah Palin?.  That, or they expected Jennifer to get a higher score, either way can't say I blame them.   

Margaret & Louis performed a Jive.  Good to see her drop the comedy routine, and show that she can indeed dance. 

Step in the right direction, hope she keeps it up.  18/30 like the dance itself better then last week.

Kyle & Lacey like Carrie Ann I love watching this kid.  He's like a ball of boundless energy.  I knew Lacey would be the perfect fit for him as I've mentioned before.

Case and point tonight's awesome modern Quickstep.  With 22/30 I have no doubt they'll be sticking around (hopefully for the long-haul).

 Kurt & Anna Although his Jive kicks could have been sharper as Len pointed out, I'm still very impressed with this guy. 

What is it about Football players that makes them such good dancers?.  21/30 total points.

Mike "The Situation" & Karina still can't stand the guy, but at least unlike last week he made an effort with the Quickstep. 18/30

Bristol & Mark capped the night off with a decently done Quickstep. 

I thought it was better then last week, she seemed a lot less nervous.  And showed that she can definitely dance.

I agree with Carrie Ann, there's something about this girl, that makes you wanna root for her.  Maybe it's the girl next door thing.  22/30

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