Saturday, January 14, 2017

Roger Federer named 2016's most marketable sports person

Roger Federer has been named the world's most marketable sports person in 2016, according to researchers at the London School of Marketing. The Swiss superstar earned nearly £50 million ($60.7m) in sponsorships and endorsements, despite missing six months of last season and undergoing knee surgery in March 2016.

Jacques de Cock, faculty member at London School of Marketing said, "Despite Roger Federer's slow year in terms of success in his sport, his successful endorsement deals show that personal characteristics can also be an important part of long-lasting sponsorships."

Federer is listed ahead of NBA basketball player Lebron James (£44.3m/$53.8m) and golfers Phil Mickelson (£41m, $50.2m) and Tiger Woods (£36.9m, $44.8m). Tennis players Novak Djokovic (£27.9m, $33.8m) and Rafael Nadal (£26.2m,$31.8m) are also in the Top 10.

World's Top 10 Marketable Sports Stars (Source: London School of Marketing)

1) Roger Federer (tennis) - £49.2m
2) LeBron James (basketball) - £44.3m
3) Phil Mickelson (golf) - £41m
4) Tiger Woods (golf) - £36.9m
5) Kevin Durant (basketball) - £29.5m
6) Rory Mcilroy (golf) - £28.7m
7) Novak Djokovic (tennis) - £27.9m
8) Cristiano Ronaldo (football) - £26.2m
9) Jordan Spieth (golf) - £26.2m
10) Rafael Nadal (tennis) - £26.2m

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