Friday, July 06, 2012

Martina Hingis weighs in on rain delays at Wimbledon

Former world tennis number one Martina Hingis suggests rain delays at Wimbledon could give players a big advantage.

The retired Swiss player told Sky News: "Sometimes it favours the player and on the other hand it might change the game as well. It depends on whether you like playing indoors or outdoors but it definitely changes the game a little bit."

"It helps during the tournament if you can just put your feet up, you know you're done and ready to go to the next match."

"I remember the year I won there were not that many matches played. I guess some of these things they just happen and fall in place and you end up winning. In a way you just get a little bit lucky."

The five-time Grand Slam winner has tipped Novak Djokovic to win the men's tournament, but could not pick a winner from the ladies' singles.

Wonder if she truly couldn't pick or just didn't want to say given the choices she (like myself) has never been a big fan of Serena Williams.

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