Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kim Clijsters Cincinnati Open Champion!

One of the weirdest trophies I've seen in a while

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MASON, Ohio, Aug 15 (Reuters) - Kim Clijsters produced a remarkable comeback to beat Maria Sharapova 2-6 7-6 6-2 and win the Cincinnati Open on Sunday.

Sharapova had three championship points in the second set before a cloudburst led to a 74 minute stoppage, with the Russian just two points from victory.

After the break Clijsters came back and won the set 7-4 in the tiebreak.

The Belgian swept her way through the final set for her 38th WTA win and her fourth victory since returning to the sport last August following a two year maternity break.

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After watching Roger's Cup and the disappointing loss Roger suffered at the hands of Andy Murray in straight sets (fighting hard) but squandering his chances.

It was nice to see some happy news on the women's side for once.

Interestingly enough both matches were halted due to rain, the Cincinnati match being the longer of the two. Both players also started playing better after the delay.

But it was Kim who was most successful rallying from a set down to win a tough three setter against Maria Sharapova.

The match itself was a bit up and down with both struggling with their serve.

The rain delay proved most beneficial to Kim who came out playing like a different player and started dominating Sharapova, while she came unglued.

Gotta give full credit to Sharapova though she made Kim fight hard for her championship point Sharapova saved 4 of them (with Kim being up 40-love on her serve) and taking it to duece before Kim finally won it on the 5th try.

After watching Kim make this great come back I'm actually looking forward to seeing her in Montreal next week (hopefully she'll get a day's rest before having to play again so soon).

I'm guessing her match won't be until Tuesday. And the question remains will Federer head to Cincinnati now?.

Lot's more tennis to come in the next 3 to 4 weeks *squee*. Congrats Kimmy on a great win!.

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