Saturday, March 02, 2013

French Tennis Federation denied expansion of Roland Garros

The French Tennis Federation has expressed its "astonishment" after plans to expand Roland Garros were scuppered by a tribunal.
Proposals for the French Open site, which included installing a Wimbledon-style roof, had been approved by the Parisian authorities two years ago, with work scheduled to start later this year.
But three local associations objected to the scheme on environmental grounds, with the expansion due to encroach into neighbouring botanical gardens.
In a statement, the FFT said: "The French Tennis Federation noted with
astonishment the decision of the administrative tribunal of Paris on the
agreement allowing it to bring the project to modernise Stade Roland Garros.
"Contesting the grounds for cancellation, and convinced that the project is
respectful of the site, it will appeal the decision and request a stay of
"The determination of the FFT to carry out this project remains intact. Its
realisation is indeed vital for the sustainability of the French Open, a major
French sporting heritage that contributes to the international influence of
France and gives French tennis the means to develop.
"The FFT will, on Monday, contact the Paris authorities to clarify what we
need to do to carry out this necessary modernisation."

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