Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DWTS 13: The Finals Part 2

Ricki & Derek kicked things off for the last time with their most memorable dance (and choreography) the "Psycho" inspired Tango.

The call back to this dance was unsurprisingly loved by all.  Bruno called it an unforgettable grand cinematic extravaganza.

Carrie Ann thought it was perfect the first time and beyond perfect the 2nd.

Gotta say this one does stand out in the way that season 5 Helio Castroneves "Mask" inspired one still sticks in my mind all these years later. 

Dance choreography and performance at it's best.

30 points were added to their overall score from last night for a grand total of 84.  Sadly despite earning the highest score Ricki fell short of the final coming in 3rd place.

Which to me was the wrong choice because really out of the remaining 3 Ricki and J.R. were the better dancers in comparison to Rob.

But oh well, an awesomely valiant effort nonetheless.  An absolute delight to watch week in week out.  Thanks Ricki! :)

Rob & Cheryl were up next with their reprise of the Foxtrot.  Bruno reiterated that he's improved beyond everyone's expectations.  Calling him smooth and suave.

Carrie Ann loved how things look so easy for him at this stage.  Len said he possessed the best foot work of any guy in the history of the show.  Really Len?, really?.

I recall him saying the same thing in regards to Hines Ward (who I believe was dancing with Kim Johnson) last year.  26 was their score a grand total of 83 points.

J.R. & Karina reprised their Jive (which they performed all the way back in week 2).

Taking out the lift and Lindy Hop which Carrie Ann and Len complained about.

Carrie Ann loved the way J.R. has been the catalyst for joy.  Len added that he lights up the room each time.

Bruno called it energetic fast paced fun, fun, fun.  Agreed.  His exuberant joy on the dance floor is infectious. 28 was the score added to their overall total of 82.

As always the show also featured the return of all the celebs from this season, but I won't bother recapping any of that. 

Other then to say I loved seeing Lacey & Chaz shake their groove with Lacey's dad to boot!.

Definite highlight. 

Rob & Cheryl and J.R. Karina battled it out for the trophy with an Instant Samba to Ricki Martin's "Shake Your Bon Bon".  That they did.

As with all the final scores both couples got a perfect 30.  No big surprise there. 

In the end Rob & Cheryl had a final score of 113 and J.R. and Karina were just one point behind with 112.

In the end it was Mr. charismatic himself J.R. Martinez who became to new champ of Dancing with the Stars season 13.

Congrats to them both!.  So nice to see a different pro lift that Mirrorball trophy.  Been a while.  A well earned win.

And that's all folks DWTS will be back March 19th 2012 with a brand new cast.   

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