Monday, January 17, 2011

Rally for Relief charity match

I always love watching stuff like this the players enjoying themselves with no pressure just pure fun.

Interesting match up too Rafa & Kim and Roger & Sam.  Jim Courier's running commentary is a hoot :D.

"Kim you've been married a while you gotta communicate with us guys". 

And my other favourite "He understands you he just plays like he doesn't speak English" in regards to Rafa *rotfl*.

Also this one "That was a great shot Roger I could smell your cologne" LOL.  I ♥ Jim Courier!.

Lovely little one on one with Sam and Kim as well.  And of course Fedal a little preview for a future match up perhaps? (yes I know I'm jumping the gun can't help it).

The best part had to be at the end though with the ladies doing the chest bump! LOL.

Well, that and Kim's great return on the very last point (in part 2 of the vid).  So much fun!.  And the ladies won too! :).

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