Sunday, July 04, 2010

Another 'Grand Slam' gone

Well, today was the last day of the Wimbledon Championships won once again by none other then Rafael Nadal over Tomas Berdych (no big surprise there).

I didn't even bother watching since I got the feeling it was gonna be kind of boring after the thrillers that were Wimbledon '08 (Federer vs Nadal) and Wimbledon '09 (Federer vs Roddick).

A straight sets win seems quite dull in comparison (not to mention the complete lack of Roger Federer), don't even get me started I'm still too depressed about the whole thing.

I won't even bother mentioning who won the women's final, because that wasn't a big surprise either once Kim Clijsters went out it was pretty much a given as to who would win.

So Nadal won his 8th Grand Slam good for him (now he's got half of Federer's total).

I'm not going to say much about the Federer quarter-final loss other then do not count the man out, he's definitely not ready to hang up his racquet just yet.

Little bit of rest will do him a world of good so he can come back re-grouped and refreshed for the U.S. Open.

Despite it's anti-climatic result the women's final did manage to garner the attention of a famous former champ.

Yep, the swiss miss Martina Hingis herself :)

I have mentioned numerous times in the past few years how nice it'll be to see Martina Hingis sitting in the stands of Grand Slam events (for those who may not remember she was not allowed to even enter the grounds during her 2 year ban).

But it is so much sweeter to finally be able to actually see that, and to know that the ban days are truly in the past.

By the expression on her face I would say Martina would agree.

Good riddance to grass bring on the hard courts of the U.S. Open!.

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