Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cute cockatiel bath antics

Yes, I know I'm a bad bad blogger, I've been neglecting my posting duties this week. Which should tell you just how boring things are at the moment *lol*.

In an effort to break up the aforementioned boredom, here are some cute vidoes I took today of my female cockatiel Cuba (yes it's as weird as it sounds) getting a mist bath.

Actually I should explain this further in the first two videos she thinks she's getting a bath (being sprayed with water) but all I'm doing is blowing air on her feathers *lol*.

Sometimes she's better then a t.v. :D.

No worries though she did get her bath in the end;).

My birdie having a fake-out shower *lol*

Happily taking a nap.

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